What Shingle Brand/Warranty?

I am reroofing a shingle roof in S. LA and I would like to know what brand/type/color/yr warranty would be good for this area’s climate? High heat/humidity
I would like a nice looking roof, would hi def. shingles be ok and what brand is better for toughness and looks?
I would appreciate any help comparing the brands, like Pinnacle/Timberline… etc.

kourso, you have a pm

GAF/ELK timberline presrtique or CertainTeed Landmark. Both are about the same.

Certainted Landmark
Owens Corning Duration
Tamko Heritage
Iko Dynasty
Iko Cambridge
GAF/ELK Timberline

My order from first used to last used.

Just did a tear off with Tamko 40 year laminates Weathered Wood and at 10 years there were a lot of cracks above the shingle butts. When we tore off the shingles they delaminated at every shingle. It was like they were sealed together but the sealant used to make the shingle was bad. The house did have huge ventilation issues though.

Done many 10 year old Timberline roofs with tons of cracks and poor sealing. Some had poor ventilation some had good ventilation.

Iko’s are known of warranty problems but the Dyansty roof I put on in the dead of Winter was a breeze. The shingles laid down amazingly flat for 0 degrees. The Cambridge were easy to lay too.

The Duration roof I put down recently was very installer friendly. Hate to say it but they laid down easier than most Landmarks lately. The Oak Pro laminate however is a shingle I’ve seen cracks in at 7 years. The old Supreme fiberglass three tabs were very good shingle for there time.

Timberline shingles give me too many slivers to recommend to anybody.

Landmarks are my top choice as they have the most copper content and 3M patents.

Of course it’s all my personal preferance. You can put whatever shingle on your house!!!

Hey Dougger,
What about Pinnacles that I see being widely used right now? Is Tamko pretty good?
I really would like to get some hi def. shingles,I believe it would really give my house a prestious look.
So Timberline isn’t very good, right?
Just want a little more help with making a good decision concerning price,durability, looks.

OC duration…premium.
OC weather guard

The rest I would leave alone…just my preferance. Best if your roofer is manufacturer certified and you use all the same componenets and get the labor and installation non prorated transferable warranty.

I personally have never had a problem with any Certainteed shingle in 13 yrs of being in business.

I am no big fan of GAF products but they are my second choice because I feel they are second best.

Third is a tie between Tamko and OC Durations.

I have very little experience with Pinnacles, I haven’t heard anything good about them…

Drip edge, we always use it here, always have…
Some regions don’t use it.
If you have a metal facia I would say that you need a drip edge.
Otherwise it is a regional thing…
If you have gutters, a gutter apron is a good idea.

I have never seen Pinnacle or Atlas shingles for that matter. They are two shingle lines not sold in my area I guess.

Never seen a defect with the Cetainteed Landmark line. Been on many in the 8-12 year range with no cracking, excessive granualar loss, etc. We have done repairs on 10 year old roofs with Landmarks. The only way however you will get a max def shingle with the Landmark is if you go with the Premium line. We lay a lot of these shingles.

The Owens Corning Duration Premium makes me a little nervous. It’s touted as being a 50 year lifetime shingle but comes in a paultry 265 lbs per square. The Landmark Plus 40 year weighs the same. The Landmark Premium 50 year by way of comparison weighs in at 300 lbs. My guess it’s a marketing ploy and no 50 year shingle will even last 30 years.

I was posting and my internet went out.
Keep the good advice coming. I am undecided right now on shingle brand. My contractor just gave me an estimate to turn in to my insurance company. I will see what comes about on it but I need to get started with the replacement some kind of way.
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[quote=“kourso”]I am reroofing a shingle roof in S. LA and I would like to know what brand/type/color/yr warranty would be good for this area’s climate? High heat/humidity

I just went thru the same process. I think the best way to decide is go to your local suppliers and see what they stock. Roofers will use whatever works best for the area so they have already done your leg work for you.

Here in central Ca. I found Landmarks and Timber line prestique to be the most popular, Malarkeys also looked good but were not a regular stocked item. I decided on Landmark 30 year George town grey cause I wanted to keep the load on my roof as lightweight as possible, I had some Timberline 40 year prestique samples in slate color and they looked very similar so I used them in a couple spots on the rear of the house for longevity comparison, in about 25 years I’ll have a better opinion of the two brands…DaveB

Lee Kourso

I just put the OC Duration on my home in Driftwood (same as weatherwood). With the bold shadow lines and the thick shingle - I feel I have the best looking roof going right now! Love em!

Today the roof we started shingling on was with Certainteed Landmark TL Shenandoah. Third roof in this color and it’s by far the sharpest brown laminate shingle made hands down. A couple months ago overheard a salesmen at one of MN’s largest shingle bring a couple over the the Shenandoah and told them this was it.

340 lbs per square triple laminate. Got a deal on them at $165 per square.

Hey Nailer,
Have you looked at the estimate that I sent to you?
Thanks guys,
I saw a house today that had GAF Timberline put on, not sure exactly what the color name is right now.
I just don’t know what to go with yet. Still debating brands/colors, looks like they almost all have some negatives with them.
I appreciate all of your help so far.
I will let you know as it goes,