What’s on this roof

Midway through a job, they left my house covered like this in a rain storm. We are trying to determine if this was covered adequately, they claim under the tarp is new water block. We are fighting this as one of many lies during the job that they told us. In fact the night in question they emailed us that the house was done and the shed was the only part left to go. Apparently the foreman lied to the parent company and they just passed it along to us. Or so they said at the time.

But we are wondering what’s on the roof in this one photo we got of it at the time.

Look like Ice and water shield under the blowed tarp. They also cover the ridge vent with synthetic paper.

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The tarp was seemingly an extra precaution which would show that they went a little further than most companies would.

Was there water damage?

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I think It’s Ice shield under the blowed tarp.