What ridge cap to you use with COBRA Snow Country?

I have the Z-ridge shingle caps but they don’t fit the Snow country plastic vent for the ridge.

Is there a specific size cap shingle to use for this or do I cut off a regular shingle to fit somehow? I’m using timberline shingles. do I cut those up and use those for a cap shingle???


The caps are not supposed to cover the exterior baffles.
You have the right cap.

But the Z ridge shingle doesn’t cover the nails on the outter edge that hold the cap down. Is it suppose to be that way??http://www.roofing.com/images/topics/6964/img_1223831645.jpg

Here are some picshttp://www.roofing.com/images/topics/6964/img_1223831551.jpg

use regular cobra. your better off.

I looks as though I was mistaken.

Get some Timbertex.

Timbertex is made for that stuff. I would not use the orignal cobra. Just dont like the thought of a brilo pad.

Thats a good vent if you ask me. Use timbertex if you can afford it, if not use regular 3 tab shingles although they will not last as long as timbertex. What color are those shingles?

Thats what I was thinking, just double a 25 year 3-tab shingle if the color can’t be matched in a timber tex.

Timbertex or Seal-a-Ridge . Both are GAF/ELK products.

The color is Barkwood.

After a LONG 4 days. I got the roof done. Thanks to a LOT of help from friends and family. Looks pretty good.

Just need to go out tomorrow and pick up the Timbertex.

Thanks for all the tech support fellas. I appreciate the advice I have received.


Use shadow ridge snow country is good stuff

isnt shadow ridge a certainteed product?

yes shadow ridge is certainteed. I think ridge glass has a 12" wide ridge to cover that vent. Although I’m not sure how high profile ridge does in snow country.