What kind of roofing/decking material is this?

Does anyone know what kind of decking material this is (see pics) and where I could get it?

I had to replace the outer wood beam and had to cut 3"s of this flooring off the edge of the deck to get to the nails. It is beige, seems like it has sand in it, very flexible and there is some sort of tape or cloth under it (between the material and the plywood).




how thick is it.
looks like something been painted.


Its about a 1/4 inch thick and very flexible. I have a 2" square piece cut of that is as flexible as rubber.

I have no idea…
Well maybe, It kinda looks like some type of “snow seal” type product.
This is a product for a cheap kwik fix it for mobile homes.

Like I said, “Kinda looks like”.
I am not sure.

It is possible that it is a field applied elastomeric roofing system with a polyester reinforcement mesh used as the base layer.