What is your most commonly used ladder height?

I did a bit of roofing a few years back and am considering doing my own roof now. I may end up doing a few more roofs after. I’m trying to remember what height ladder I used to use. Homedepot has a great price on a 24 foot fiberglass ladder right now. I’m concerned that 24 feet may end up being slightly short though. Do any of you regularly use 24 foot ladders for two story residential houses? Or perhaps 28 foot?

32’ on 2 story is must have ,250-300lb rated for safe climbing and staging planks for steep ones.you cac getaway with 28 tho.

32 gets you most places

You will need multiple ladders.

I use 2 16’, 4 20’, 5 24’,3 32’, 3 40’.

These with 1/2 doz ladder jacks, 16’ & 24’ pics (staging), and at least 100 roof jacks you will eventually need more than 200.

All ladders are Type 1A, the 16’ & 20’ are wood.

You certainly can get by with and start with less but the above listed will enable you to access almost anything.
I like the wood 20’ ladders the best.

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Most commonly used?
My aluminum 24.
I do about 90% one story structures.
I can still get on most of the two stories
by using the highest ground around the property or pulling my ladder up and using It on top of a lower one story roof.
I ‘ll admit my ladder barely reaches the bottom of the roof, stretched all the way out.
Ok for inspection, estimating.
Not appropriate for my crew to replace the roof with.
If its a taller two story with no other lower structure to get on top of, i’ll use the 28.
The 28 will reach it every time.
Its just heavier.
And i try to not to use a heavier ladder than i need to on a every day basis.
So you need both The 24 and 28.
Eventually one day you’ll need the 32.
And one day the 40.
Which one will you use most of the time?
The 24.

I dont know what the architecture in your area is like.
I live in an area of country where there is hardly any basements.
A house with a basement will usually have a higher base and the two story structures are taller. In those instances the 32 would be the norm.

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