What is this shingle?




a damned ugly one


wow. can we see a few pics of that roof from the road?



I am thinking maybe Tamko Mountain Slate. The homeowner was told it was an upgrade from a 30 year but I am thinking maybe the original contractor just said that to get some extra money for the odd color.


elk prestique high deftinition with some butt
ugly repairs filled in…?


I think it looks like an Atlas or IKO


its Tamko. from there speacialty colors. Fu#$ing ugly


Certainteed premium-mountain timber


O C’S Maybe? estate grey


If it’s a tamko shingle they will have their name
on the top of the shingle at the cellaphane strip. :expressionless:


Thry are ELK ASS wipe shingles


look at the saw teeth cut outs…look how far off the alingment is at the bottom edge of it.


Tamko, IKo, Or possibly Atlas. Take one off it should say.


Not IKO. IKO has straight laminate. Those are slightly angles.


update its Tamko. They are getting a new roof so I pulled a shingle back. Have not had a chance to compare the color with mountain slate yet but I think thats it. The homeowner loves it and wont sign a contract until we can prove to them that we will put the same thing back up. I too think its a bit ugly.


Looks like mountain slate, from the pics it’s hard to tell. The mountain slate has more green in it, rustic slate has more brown in it.


iko is straight teeth on east coast …not west


That 2nd set of photos you posted - for a moment there, I thought it was taken from the top of a ladder & looking up a 3:12 slope; the bottom pic made the top look like a mansard wall to roof joint.

Next time, put a small gap in there (i.e. hit enter) between your photo tags.