What is this coming out from under the shingle

found a few of these spots on new roof

That’s the surenail strip. Sometimes when its cut it doesnt cut cleanly

I guess that gash in front of the shingle is where he took a stab at the thing? i see quite a few of those slit marks on the roof… :slight_smile:

That is an accidental cut he made while trying to trim the valley shingles.

I mostly do not install this way,
Because it leads to this more often than it should.
I cant be there to cut every shingle personally on the roof.
And i cant trust All my guys to not make this mistake.

The shingles were already nailed and installed when he trimmed the valley shingles.
It is Easy to make a mistake and accidentally
Cut the shingle below it.
A very common mistake that roofers who prefer to install this way either ignore or dismiss as a possibility.
It can and does get installed correctly
By someone who has a very sharp knife,
And is very strong,
And is very skilled
And is very determined
And is having a good day.
And the shingles are not cold.
And the shingles are easy to cut…
See where i am going here…

There is another method of installing valley shingles where this mistake never happens
Because the knife doesnt get near the center of the valley.

Some will say the method i use is cheating or a short cut.
I will tell them that they dont know what they are doing.

And I would say anyone can install a California valley. Why don’t you just use two shingles and keep them under your cuts as a guard? It’s really easy.

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No its not.
Because we are required to roof cement under our valley shingles.
ANd the cement has to be really close to the valley line.
There is no room to slide shingles under as a guard.


That is in your area which is a small slice of our country. You say roofers don’t know what they’re doing if they cut a valley the standard way, which I disagree with. Every region is different and in my area we consider California valleys hack work. 25 years in business, hundreds of employees and NOT ONE CALL BACK for a sliced valley.


And just to add to that, it’s obvious by your posts that you are an excellent roofer and you are more knowledgeable than I am about lots of things. I just think you’re painting with a broad brush when you say roofers don’t know what they’re doing if they don’t like California valleys. We just know how to use our hook blades properly.


I know you would consider it hack work.
That is why i said you wouldnt know what you are doing.

I did not say a cut valley cant be done correctly.
Its just that too many cant do it
And make the mistake of cutting the shingle below for me to make it a policy.

30 years in business and never a leak from a valley period.
And i get repeat business every year from houses i did 20 years before.
All my work is referral.
They want me before i even get there.
I never carry a list of “referrals”
The customer never asks me
Because they were referred in the first place.

I install Ice and water shield AND 26g metal is installed.
Then both sides of the valley metal are covered with cement.
Then the valleys are covered.
The low side is then covered with cement again.

I am quality all the way.
No one does it better than me.

Most hack roofers i know, install just ice and water in the valley with no metal and think they are doing so good…

No cement either.
Ewwww yucky.
Might get it under my fingernails…

Then they hack up the valley with their hook blade, but act like nothing happened.

Huh?? Who carries a list of referrals? “Nobody does it better than me “? You are obviously a very good roofer but have an inflated view of yourself. You are stating qualities and qualifications that most people on this site also share. Your night time posts show more bragging than your daytime ones, happy hour maybe? We are all just roofers and you are one of many, although obviously skilled. I’m all about pride in our trade but get over yourself already.

I have loaded full plugs in kettles right out of high school and been burned to the point of almost being flown out to a burn center. Carried hot up ladders. Packed bundles up ladders on 400 square jobs, hand nailed all day then packed my trash down. Hung in harnesses on the McCloud Hearst castle laying tile on turrets for weeks on end like a window washer on a skyscraper, worked endlessly in 100 degree heat then a few months later broke torches out to melt roofs on 20 degree days, laid tile on 12/12 roofs by myself start to finish, paper, bats, tile, ridge no laborers, roofed turrets with one foot in a single roof jack reaching as far as I could then adding another jack to hook my foot into 2 stories up solo.

I have never once thought my job was any harder than a guy pouring concrete, framing walls, working a checkout line at Safeway, etc. Get over yourself already with your “Superman” quotes. It’s just the job we chose and while most people can’t do it I would also say that I could never have been able to work at Safeway or as a road flagger.

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Hey i am just pre- defending my self from people like you
Saying what i am doing is hack work.

Because i think the OTHER method leads to HACK work by Hacking into a valley constantly with the hook blade.

You can act like you or your men never do it.
You can say all your men slide two
Shingles under the valley as you cut it
But i wouldnt believe it for a second.
Just you running your mouth again.

You didn’t read my post clearly. I said IN OUR AREA it is considered hack work. I don’t roof in Florida, nor do I know the codes or specs for there. You never believe anything other than your own legend so that doesn’t bother me. You actually argued with me about how long I’ve been roofing. There are several of you in every county in the US. The guy that thinks he’s better than everyone else. By the way, we wouldn’t need to chalk that line to get our courses straight with the ridge and be careful with that gun; it looks like that nail might be about to be driven too close to the waterway in that valley…just sayin.

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You dont ever pop any lines??
Wow, you are quality.

And where do you see a nail in the water way?
You are just making stuff up now??
You are unbelievable.

You should talk about the lack of rope and harness next.
I will think you are so smart.

Uh… ok. If you say so.

Do we really have 2 of our knowledgeable roofing veterans engaged in a petty battle over whom can perform simple tasks better than the other?

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You’re right my last two comments about the picture were petty. My bad.

lmao,classic “im the best” roofer syndrome in action.
lot of guys think they’re the best and everyone is hack :rofl:

I love debate…when I win

I think I clearly stated I was not the best and made the point that other guys have much more knowledge than I on many things. I’ve only heard one person on this forum say “nobody does it better than me”. I’ll step back from this thread at this point.