What is the roofing type?


Hi there! Sorry to be here with my stupid question and bother all of you. I need your help - please tell me how you call the roofing type as at the image http://www.stc-info.ru/data/upload/small1110183813.jpg. As I understand it is a type of roofing made of metal sheets joint by means of folds or rabbets (the types of seams are here )http://www.technoeko.ru/img/falc1.gif. I need to make translation into English but cannot find it anywhere! Thanks a lot!



Standing Seam and Flat Lock


Thanks a lot - but what I really mean is the name of the roofing itself - not the names of the joints.



I will be interested to know what you find out.

Maybe that is why you can not find anything out. We call it by the type of seam. The joints that just overlap there are different names for the styles.


Could be a number of metals, aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, galvanized coated… hard to tell just by looking at a picture.


The Roof system is Called a Standing Seam Metal Roof.
There are many types (Brands) and ways of installing.


sorry but it looks like its showing the first step thru the 4th step of an interlocking metal panel.
but theres nothing standing about it to me.
and im not shure that the photo of the roof and the
close up dia are of the same roof system.

but to try and answer.
each photo is the step 1-4 of the panels being
seamed/rolled together.
so the english under each caption mite say 1st step,2nd step, 3rd step, 4th step.

cant beleive you would bother us with such.
just kiddin.



Looks like examples of metal roofing seams: single lock standing and single lock flat lock (the 2 images on the right) just the bottom image they have the green side up-even though the next step for the flat lock would have the blue side up? - the images on the left look like a Double lock standing seam & a double lock Flat lock seam ?? Just a guess Cannot read Russian??-ha -have a rough time with english.


Do not even know my left from right-Should be the two images on the Left side for the single lock examples—Right side Double lock


Here guys, I’ll put this thread to rest.
The exact translation directly from the text on the images are as follows:

single stand-fold / double stand-fold

single recumbent fold / dual recumbent fold

Recumbent means “to rest” or to “lie down”.


Sorry, Guys but…
I think the actual image they are referring to is the Roof itself and not the samples of hems.


Standing Seam Metal Roof System




To Awargoddess:

That is a wrong translation - I guess you used google translate service or similar.

To Luita:

It is called “standing seam” in English. You can add “metal roof/roofing”…

The diagram at the bottom of your post has the correct technical name in Russian - I’m actually not too familiar with Russian technical terminology.

Here is the correct name in Russian: Ã


Adept just seams to sure.
ditto Adept.



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