What is the right/acceptable repair for this?

During replacement of the covered porch on our deck, a piece of plywood broke on a corner of the porch roof that the roofer did not catch (tip view picture attached).

When looking up at that corner from inside the porch, one can see the sky.

The roofer initially suggested caulking, and when I refused that option has suggested “patching it with metal”. He says the plywood really does not need to be replaced.

Do you all agree?



Typo correction: in the first sentence of the original post, I meant to say “during replacement of the covered porch roof on our deck…”

That little hole,covered by the drip edge won’t affect anything.


Thank you for the response, Patchap.

Like patchap suggested, nothing needs to be done here. Replaced plywood would need to be painted to match existing plywood… Not an easy task unless the surrounding paint is in pristine condition.

The gutter installed up at the height of the decking, is why damage is beginning to surface. Lower gutter, or incur additional damage this winter.

Thank you all for your responses. The roofer tells me that the gutter is below the roof deck line, there is no water getting in there and that a metal patch will work fine to plug that hole.

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