What is considered hail damage?

I had an adjuster from State Farm out yesterday. My contractor marked spots where hail had knocked all the granules off (hail spots were totally black). Then the adjuster took a putty knife and felt under the shingles and said it wasn’t damage because it hadn’t left a dimple on the underside of the shingle. My contractor was in disagreement and said that he has never heard of this.

Some companies will say something is hail damage and it is not. Basically storm chasers wil say anything is hail damage. Not saying thats the case. How old is the roof? Is the ventilation correct? A shingle will blister from a heat and ventilation problem. Also roofing tar will cause these blisters. If that is the case then they will not cover it.

Insurance companies, on the advice of Haag Engineering, typically take the stance that granule loss, by and of itself is purely cosmetic damage alone.

Shingle manufacturers, on the other hand, insist that the protective granule coating is there to deflect the UV rays of the sun from prematurely deteriorating the asphalt in the shingles.

Request a second adjuster to come out and have another inspection done. If you still do not agree, use the clause in your home owners insurance policy which allows for “Appraisal” to decide. Do NOT allow them to provide for the alternative “Arbitration” which is decided by a judge that they pay on their staff to rule in their favor.

Also, do a search under my user name for hail damage and I have written and posted a volume about the process of identification and how to ensure being covered by your insurance company due to knowing what to ask and what to do.


what was the adjusters explanation for the granule loss on the shingles?

I just started in this business,and I met two adjusters,one was buying half a roof, the other not buying an add on. I got them both bought,mainly by staring at the roof till the damage stared back. Even though the adjuster said stuff like,thats tar spots, not roof damage,he couldn’t argue,I had everything circled,and he bought…My boss tought me to rub the suspected damage,to see if it is hail… The last suggestion is very good,usually,they will send a differnt adjuster out,have your contractor there to meet him…I come early,to be ready,and while hes there,might as well relook at everything,screens,gutters,sheds,fences…etc.ect.

Mark C.

That State Farm trick is illegal. They started doing that last year, but changed their policy later in the year.

A bruised shingle is hail damage. Hail rarely breaks through to the underside of the mat.

The “cosmetic” only argument is moot. If the damage to the roof is “only cosmetic” and they deny the roof for this reason…Why do they pay for a few dents in aluminum siding and fascia wrap?

Ask for a re-inspect…If they deny again, just create a report with pictures for the customer. Have the customer contact the higher ups at State Farm and submit the report. 9.5 times out of 10, the roof will get bought!

I have had a number of adjusters look at the back side of the shingle for an indent.

Real hail damage is said to break the matting of the shingle. If it’s fiberglass you should see breaking around the impact and if it’s organic you should see an impression which will leave an indent on the underside. In addition you should see granualer loss at the point of impact.

Been on a few roofs lately with three sets of eyes took over half an hour to find 27 viable hits. A good adjuster will rub the questionable spot of impact if light hail to see if the granuals easily fall off.

Had one adjuster last year yell at me for rubbing the spots were the hail hit the roof.

Here are some pics of hail damage,

Of course some of the pics are from very large and very wind driven hail. There are close ups of some not so large hail as well.

home-and-garden.webshots.com/alb … H?start=36

Worked on hundreds of hail claim roofs in the past three years and still learn new things every week.

Someone told me to sprinkle baby powder over the suspected hits and they will stand out more.

I never tried it, but wonder if it works. Someone get back to me if you get the opportunity to test that out.