What is a reasonable way to line item out in Xactimate the raising of fascia?


I am annoyed to be blunt and throwing my hands up and asking for help. Flat roof. Mod bit. Needs to reach a R-Value of 30, got 5" of the ISO boards approved(I am a supplementer) and now I am having trouble figuring out the best way to supplement the raising of the fascia to match the 5" of ISO. I am not construction savvy and this specific project manager wants me to ask Liberty Mutual for:

a 1x4" nailer board around the perimeter
a 2x2" stacked nail board TIMES 3…3 separate line items or multiple the perimeter x 3(which will confuse adjusters I think)
and fascia board 6-8" around the perimeter

I have a sales manager who is experienced in roofing saying it’s excessive and there is a better way to line item it out for insurance(because ISO, as we already know, IS EXPENSIVE) and a production manager and his project manager saying it’s totally legit. There are 2 sides and I am caught in the middle!

…is this excessive? what is REASONABLE to ask to insurance? I understant something is needed so that we are not screwing drip edge and gutters into the side of the iso board. I am not trying to gouge the insurance company. I need sensible line items and am a noob with this issue. HALP!
Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time out to answer!


The perimeter is 172.85LF. I put those line items into Xactimate…with those line items just to raise the fascia(and prime and paint exterior fascia) the total amount is: $3,551.93


Can’t give any advice on how to line item it out, but @ 3550 that’s 19$ LF. If it needs to support a gutter and is including prime and paint that # is in no way excessive imo. What you are talking about involves alot of labor to do it right.

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Thanks for the input!


If it is needed, it isn’t excessive. You just have to gather the information from the project manager and literally hold that adjuster’s hand on why you need it, step by step. I used to worry about the pricing but don’t go into this in a negative light, call the adjuster and be confident in what you’re asking for. That confidence will allow them to be more comfortable approving it. Best of luck!

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My issue is I don’t really trust this project manager. He just sees dollar signs. I know there are a few different ways to install the raising of fascia and to protect the ISO boards, but which way is more reasonable to ask for and easier to get approved is my issue. Here is a visual of what I’m talking about


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