What else do you do besides roofing?

i was wondering what else do you guys do besides roofing.

We also do siding and gutters. We haven’t done a siding job in months but we do gutters quite frequently.
We mostly do half round gutters because other companies don’t want to do them or don’t know how to.


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Is there anything else to do??? :smiley:

The only reason I work is so that I can go fishing.

Read about fishing.

Now that my Little Guy is about 5 1/2, it is really cool getting into it again, through his eyes and experiences.

Family stuff is my favorite thing to do.

Getting home and having Eddie open the garage door for me and run up to me and give me a big hug and kiss and then walk out to the street with him on my shoulders and look at the Big Dipper.

Pushing what ever limits I have in front of me.

Doing what others say can’t be done.

Challenging the status quo.

Teaching others to teach others themselves and how to be a better all around person in this world.

Offering sincere compassion when needed by others, to the extent of my limits, even when I may struggle after doing so. The rewards are endless.


well I love most outdoor activities. espeacially sea kayaking and hiking. I am also busy trvaling from west to east to seak that wich was lost.

Spending time with my wife and family

All I do is roofing, however I may spread out a bit into gutters (I would mostly sell for him; he’s a one man band like me).

Outside of work, these are # 1:

& Then there is this stuff:

Right now, it’s longhorn football season (we’re ranked # 7, however with USC’s loss, that should improve).

& Then there’s this stuff:

(I would like to say that this rod is mine, but it’s not… just a local example of what I’m into; took it about 2-1/2 years ago @ a local Saturday night cruise in).

I also like photography. Here’s a few examples of pics I’ve taken that I like:

VMI Parade Grounds

VMI again.

My Dad getting a haircut from a guy who has had his shop across the road from VMI for around 35+ years.

Mexican Navy, anchored just off the beach in Cancun.

Well…the first is the obvious (isnt it a requirement to be a roofer?)

My wife

My Daughter

And my newest favorite…the toy!!

holy pimpmobile batman :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, Right!!!

You were looking at the car, huh?

Yesiree, me too. Yup, Real Nice Car!!!


yeah… you got me…it just happened to be in my shop with the pump jacks in the back ground :wink:

Marshal, after seeing a pic of you… you must make a lotta money.

That would explain the hot wife.


two shay!!!

Very nice guys. i do not know how to post pics or i would of one of my wife and i.

What do i do when i dont roof well lets see. Im not roofing this year at all. WOrking in a machine shop because my area has well had so many layoffs people are only roofing if the HAVE to not because they want to. Jobs are unstable here in the detroit area. The shop i found to work in does government work so the work is there. I work an average of 52 hours a week in 4 days. WIsh i could be in roofing but the cards are not there for that type of work right now. From what i know its not because of what i know its just the severe downturn. Hell the local supplier is being ripped off everyday for 20 sqs or more.

So if you think since im not in roofing right now im not any good then thats your opnion, keep it to yourself. A few know about me and know what struggles i have been thru in this last year. It takes a man to do what is needed for his family to eat. It takes a fool to sit and wait for something to happen. Got my job December 26th, 2007 was my start date. Oh yea i work 3pm to 4am. So say whatever you want im standing proud.

Gtp, hope it gets better there in Detroit soon and you go back to you beloved roofing. For now it’[s all good, so long as you make a decent living.

As far a work goes we sometimes do gutters (when people ask us) and also Energy Efficient windows (very seldom, tho we have a few customers that just call us once in couple of months an get like 10 windows done, and call again in two months… and so on.

We also promote Solar technologies, Energy efficiency and Green Construction in general.

This is work.

On the off-time I am into renewable energy and some dancing. My brother and partner is all into dancing.
I also volunteer for an non-profit org. in Providence, RI like every other week.

We are both part of MIT Ballroom Dancing Team, so come watch if you are in Boston area. They have many regular competitions of very high level dancing. And of course lots of cute college girls dressed up in very expensive dresses :):slight_smile:

[img]http://www.roofing.com/images/topics/6917/img_1222633016.jpg Me Bro dancing Foxtrot

http://www.roofing.com/images/topics/6917/img_1222633134.jpg Me, the Bro and our team

http://www.roofing.com/images/topics/6917/img_1222633217.jpg Salsa Dancing in Boston…

http://www.roofing.com/images/topics/6917/img_1222632894.jpgOur dance crew

Basically just try to enjoy life as much as you can.

Well, I’m of - have to got to practice with the best Latin Coach in New England…

Good luck all

LAmetal, you’d possibly be surprised to know I’m a pretty good two step / Western Swing guy…

We do just about anything that comes our way, living in Michigan, thats what you need to do to stay in business. BUT, we specialize in roofing and that is our main bread and butter.

as for outside of work, I do all kinds of active stuff, right now I mainly teach and train mixed martial arts, as it gets colder and snowy, I will be skiing.

I do siding,windows,doors and decks…Mostly all roofing though…
On the side I fish,and hang with my family,marred with 5 kids…20,19,18,12,and the little guy is 15mo.
So I have plenty to do when not working…I also took a night gig, for bennies and to consume some lax. time…things are slow in NEPA.

We have a window & siding division that is actually doing stronger than my roofing this month.

We also do gutters & decks.

But the roofers only roof. The siders do the rest (they know how to read a tape measure). We sub out the gutters.

Roofing “all types” is our thing, but were getting into doing a nice ad on with Aztek trim on the rakes and facias,even Aztek gutter. love the stuff but you gotta have good roofers who can read a tape 8) . I hate vinyl siding and thankfully its not popular in this area except the cheaper neiborhoods. We will do Hardiplank and wood siding.We also have a full sheet metal shop and make things for other contractors as well. copper flashings,pans etc… Have taken on membrane waterproofing jobs on a blue moon.