What do roofers do in the winter?


Sounds like a recipe for ice damming


I believe if you have built a reputable business and do things right, business will be year round. Obviously there are slow times, but business should not be seasonal. Good Luck! Marc Servsquad.com


We roof all year round in Erie,PA.
We do both Roof Repairs and Replacements.
We always have bad winters and homeowners need
a company that will fix there roof in all weather
conditions. We are not a fair weather roofing company. :slight_smile:
I have seen 10+ yr. experienced roofers incorrectly install shingles in the summer and in the winter. I have also seen a well trained rookie roofer install a correctly installed/waterproof roof in both seasons.
So basically I think it comes down to training your installers. Not the how many square can you shingle in an hour training. Quality training, flashings, adjusting pressure, nail placement, etc.


Bad weather brings roofing business! I personally enjoy bad weather. Best of luck!


We work all year round. We blow and push broom snow off roof and do a section at a time. We also get a lot of repair work. Cannot afford to risk losing guys or income for that matter.


we have been working in snow storms all week this week. already shoved it off once. Its 200 square of mechanicly fastened Duro-Last, so the snow slides off pretty good.


Since the roofs are more affected and cracked in winters so they require more repairs in winters. As due to the damage most of the homeowners do roofs repairs in winters and the roofing contractors have great opportunity and lot of works in winters.


Depends where you live I guess. I’m in Texas and we are getting busy again. We avoid jul-sept to a certain degree, yes pun.


And you made a profile on roofing.com to tell us about this company? I remember them spaming in the past. I flagged them every time.


I agree, business should be year round! Obviously the job is going to go slower, for several reasons, but I have found that most of my customers understand that weather will cause some delays, and would rather have the job go slower, my people stay safe, and get done right! That being said, in Oklahoma, we don’t get the weather that some of you have to contend with! Stay safe fellow roofers!



Normally starting at Thanksgiving we take off alot, work easy days, get the shop in ship shape and work on our own homes.


We do not roof under 50º due to manufacturer warranty specifications and our own warranty as shingles will not seal in winter months and I cannot warranty an “improperly” installed roof. I vacation or work on my next years workload. Continue to estimate where/when I can and secure agreements. Push snow.


Today got a new truck a new trailer a new Rolair, new roof shovels, new tires on an existing truck, working on old dump trailer fixing hinges, tow chains, light bulbs, trailer tires.
Hope I can find a solar charger for the dump trailer.


We avoid roofing in the winter in Canada. We have done it when we worked for a roofing company but now that we own our own show, we take some time off then do other work.

It was -30 C before windchill here for 3 weeks. Bundles freeze solid, shingles snap just grabbing them off a pile. Waste of time and horrible end product.


I install Christmas lights and December is my busiest month if the year. I also do roof snow removal and ice dam repair.


We only put metal on during the winter months. Shingles tend to freeze and break into pieces when it is close to zero degrees for most of the winter. A lot of guys find odd jobs because of the cold weather or they try to keep up with us in the cold. Either way i would rather be working outside.


A good roofers never stop working coz thats business.Dont mind the weather just mind the traffic your website will produce.By the way if you have time just visit me.(http://www.bestaceroofing.net)


We are a GC company so we try to head indoors and do a lot of roofing in the summer. If you have other skills its when that helps out a lot. I find a lot of roofers seem to enjoy hanging drywall honestly it’s somewhat similar work when you think about it. You can get into some commercial board hanging to close the gap of time. Nothing says you need to be the guy finishing it! Going from roofing to fine cabinetry is a tough transformation even after doing it for 8 years. It’s night and day on how “careful” you are of measurement and such. Roofing is a bit more forgiving than 20k in custom cabinets!


We read roofing forums.


There are loads of stuff to do during the winter as a roofer. It should be your busiest time of year. Who has leaks in Summer anyway ?

I have been roofing for 40 years now and love it. In winter I sort my van - tools - ladders out. Do all my website building and all the other stuff . I generally collect together different roof tiles and other materials in the event of a storm. If it comes there is more time to work and make money instead of chasing around for materials. I also get a letter drafted and seal them in envelopes and when the storm does come I put them in doors of houses who have suffered storm damage. I charge that bit more due to bad weather and the extra health and safety issues we come across in winter. In general I earn more in the winter months. It’s busier. In winter I also find time to contact insurance companies - house letting agencies - Estate agents - mortgage brokers and offer my services.