What do roofers do in the winter?


I just had a quick question regarding the weather and business. Winter is slowly creeping up and I was just thinking what do roofers do in the winter? Do you guys still get work - how are you able to go door knocking - and plus who’s gonna want to do their roof in such bad weather.

Thank you and God Bless!


The only issue I see with winter roofing is the fact that shingles won’t seal. (nail blow through is a user/tool issue, not weather)

Last year I had half a guys house tore off (9sq) and it started snowing like a, well a real bad snowfall. Papered it in quick and when he came outside there was about 1/2 an inch of snow on his roof. He was horrified, until I showed him it could be swept off and everything underneath the snow was dry.

Snow is dryer than rain.

My next roof (new construction) already has 5 inches of snow it.


we have always roofed all year. The summer is worse with hot and humid weather.


Sweeping it and sometimes a little heat, some guys do plowing tho, I just got a gutter machine so i’m hoping gutters and soffits for the real chit days…send the younger guys onto the roofs…hehheh… :mrgreen:


We roof all year round. Only about two to three days a year we cant work…either a terrible wind stom for one day and two days of snow on the roof. Then the temp climbs back to the 50’s and melts the snow in less than a day.

That is what happened this winter so and will probably be it.

Regardless of the ecomomy the new construction industry usually slows in January but it also does the same in June as well…go figure???


usually go to jail :smiley:


I shut down from dec 21 ( give or take a few days ) until march 1st & i head south & travel around for a few weeks . If there is a hurricane we go work that area for a few weeks . I have a few guys who can handle any emergencys , the rest draw rocking chair . We use to work in the snow but work is hard to get & dangerous here in mich in the winter. I have a steel rod in my leg to attest to this fact.
Winter comes around the same time every year here , so ya learn to prepare for it . Save a little money & then just enjoy the time off. I doubt we ever lose much work because we shut down , most emergencys can be temp repaired & then permantly done in the spring.
Yep winter is about my favorite time of year .


I thought that was pretty much a year round hobby for some.


If the winter is mild, many shingles will bond. The darker the shingle, the better.Most mfgs. recommend not installing if night temps drop below 60 deg. or so.That seems a little cautious to me, though.I always have a rope wherever the ladder will be,and everyone has a harness on and their own rope after that.I also have my torch with me just in case I need to melt any Ice. Sometimes I will sacrifice some new shingles to nail where it is especially slick.Other than that I usually try not to start jobs in inclement weather.


its vaction time.


Before new construction died off we roofed year round. Some Winter months were busier than our Summer months. The last new construction rush saw my two man crew (me and my brother) with 3-5 roofs at once for all of Dec/05-Feb/06.

Last Winter we did a few new roofs.

Now with mainly tear offs we take off mid December-mid March. We got some snow and cold a couple weeks ago and have only done one tear off since. We have three to do this next month for the energy star credit and yesteray papered in a 65sq new roof, best thing it’s a 5/12!!!

As far as Winter goes tried plowing but didn’t like it. Rent out a sleeper fish house on a big lake on the MN/Canada border and do a lot of ice fishing. Been out two nights already and going out tommorow night again. Getting some very large walleyes.


Dougger, you got enough ice for ice fishing already???

It’s steelhead time here. :smiley:


maybe its time to fish axiom? I have some time in the next 2 weeks? let me know.


[quote="-Axiom-"]Dougger, you got enough ice for ice fishing already???

It’s steelhead time here. :D[/quote]


A few nights ago I tossed and turned all night, couldn’t sleep. All I could think about was getting on my honey hole. The next morning drove up the road 10 miles to the access and found fresh foot traffic with portables. That night and the next night fished from 5pm-11pm. 3.5 inches of ice and the second night a guy next to us had enough balls to take his 800 atv out! We ended up with a 15in and two 26in walleyes and my friend had two line snaps. One was to the hole several times and when I had both my hands around her head she snapped off. My guess was she went 29-31 inches. I felt horrible but at least we got several good looks at her. Got a couple 30.5 inchers and she was right in there.

Waiting for a few more inches on Lake of the Woods to get up there with atv’s and portables. Not all lakes here are fishable though. Some have 2 inches some have 5 inches.




Ice damage repairs and ice fishing :smiley:


We work all year…lot’s of coffee and my kids.


A white winter is a weekend at lake Tahoe. Then a 4 hour drive Back home to paradise. My hat goes off to you guys. Stay warm.


Last December I had the EXTREME pleasure of being invited to Laguna Beach to help a friend on a 30sq shake tear and shingle. It rained the entire time I was there, but boy I could get used to NOT shoveling snow. Which is what I am doing for the first hour again today…

You ahhh, need any help? lol


Do any of you go around neighborhoods with flyers to rake roofs and fix ice dams? If there is an ice dam customer, wouldn’t that generate a future customer? Just asking.