What do i need to do with the pitch and valleys of my roof?


Hey there, new to the forum and I appreciate any advice I can get. I just recently inherited my grandfather’s house and it is in desperate need of repair, it has been leaking for around two years now on both ends of the house. The leaks are in the valleys and behind one of the chimneys (where the rocks fell and busted it). I am going to repair the leaking sections of the roof temporarily until I can afford to have one put on, or if possible do it myself. The house has alot of cintemental value to me and i would do anything to keep it standing.

I know there is a problem with the shape of the valleys and maybe even the pitch of the roof. My question is, what could be done with the valleys and pitch to correct such an issue? if i were going to have a metal roof put on, what would i need to do to make that possible? Would the whole roof have to be re-framed? more cost effective than replacing shingles? I plenty more photos.



Yes the closer valley in the pic (can’t tell about the other one) will need to be reframed. You have a really bad “dead valley” (area that forces lots of water into a super small area with bad drainage) that can not be properly done in metal as is.


Thanks for your input. I figured that would be the case. It’s going to be a very expensive process then I assume. But I assume I could repair the leaking spots temporarily until I can afford to have it reframed. I’d like to do the job myself but I know I’d be getting in over my head. Thanks again


If its just that spot, I wouldn’t think it would get very expensive. They just need to level out the one slope, move the valley a bit. Probably A day of work for someone who knows what they’re doing.
If the home has trusses instead of rafters it could be more complicated, but either way it’s not a huge deal.