What could have caused this tar leak

I have a national tenant and they hired a construction company to, I think, finish some unfinished space in the building. The contractor claims our roofer did this when we did a roof repair in 2018. They want us to clean it because we’re responsible for fixing the roof. I advised them the leak we repaired was a bullet hole in the middle of the store and this doesn’t appear to be the middle of the store. Her comment was “you’re responsible for the roof” so I told her that’s right and if there’s a leak we’ll fix it but whatever those stains are on the wall we didn’t do them. This is an EPDM roof that was put on before our ownership about 10 years ago. No issues other than the occasional bullet hole. What might have caused this staining?

Was the EPDM roof installed over a built up roof?

Don’t know the history prior to our ownership.

I just want to hear the story about the bullet hole and the subsequent “occasional bullet holes”. Are you in South Central L.A.?

New years day is bullet hole day for flat repair roofers.

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Aha, makes sense. On the West Coast us gun guys know shotguns are much safer for that application.

Not the best part of Indianapolis, our roofer has a collection on his windowsill of bullets removed from roofs. One of the neighboring properties has a sign that reads “don’t bother breaking in all the copper has been stolen”.
The contractor described it as tar but another photo was sent with a puddle on the floor. This is at the back of the building and the roof slopes to the back. Wondering if this could just be a bunch of muck that’s coming through a leaking scupper. Trying to get a phone number for the contractor who called it tar to see what makes him think it’s tar.

I wont pull the trigger without a kill. We do have folks that like to “bust a cap” now and then…

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This is where an ongoing relationship with a roofer provides an additional value. Your man should be sent out and just charge a small fee. Hopefully that contractor wakes up with the intention of protecting his client. Where does that leave you?

Your scupper idea could be spot on. Is the tenant a restaurant by any chance?

Tenant is a national pharmacy. I have a good roofer in this city and I spoke with him this morning. He thinks there’s a hole in the EPDM and the water is traveling between the EPDM and the original roof. I think that’s where donl above was heading with his question. Totally agree with the comment about having an ongoing relationship with a roofer.

It turns out the roof had 17 punctures, one was from a bullet. My roofer did say the staining was from an EPDM being installed over a built up roof. The tenants contractor asked me about cleaning up the black staining on the wall. I told her ask your HVAC contractor to do it he’s the one that put all the punctures in. She wondered why an HVAC contractor would puncture a roof. I told her it happens all the time, ask any roofer.

When I did repairs for property management companies, I had a malicious tech on a Kroger that caused a lot of damage that I documented with photographs. So I set up a sign in sheet with management co and tenant for HVAC maintenance where they had to sign and date for service calls. After the tech’s company received a $700.00 repair bill the problem stopped completely. You need to photograph and date the damage and repair every time for documentation.

Strange Spots. Reading the comments of others make sense.