What are DMO and RFG codes in Xactimate


The following is a line item cost comparison between RFG 300 –remove (DMO classification) and RFG 300 –remove (RFG classification) for Fort Collins, CO September 2018 Price list

Per any workman’s comp insurance provider, anytime workers are on a roof performing work, they must be classified as roofers.

It is illegal to classify only some workers as roofers and some as general laborers. Regardless of their skill or how much they are paid, workman’s comp rates are the same for all workers.


Not all price lists will produce the same rates in Retail Labor, Direct Yield, and Supporting Events. Please use the price list for the area in which analysis is needed. To access, under the estimate items tab, fill in blanks with Cat: RFG Sel: 300 Act: &; , click the Unit Price tab on the right of the item image, click the “i” next to the Remove Price. This represents the default calculations. Notice the option to EDIT certain categories.


This document is meant to be shared with as many contractors in the insurance restoration industry or construction/contracting industry as possible. This issue is not dependent on this particular line item. This pertains to over 90% of line items within the Xactimate DEFAULT price list for any zip code

RFG%202 RFG%203 5 RFG%206