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Like the new layout! And the fact that the “insurance” category is gone.


I cannot find my post to add a picture of valleys connecting two different sloped roofs that I posted on August 11. How do I find my post to add a photo?

I think that you will need to find some way for people to sort through the hundreds of inputs to find ones that they are interested in learning from. Phil pgdamask@yahoo.com


Hello to all. I’m new here and pardon me if you think this is not the right place to make my introduction.


I am new to Roofing.com. I have been doing subcontract work for the last few years and I recently struck out on my own. I am trying to get into all of this digital marketing stuff and trying to grow my business.

I have been roofing for over 20 years, but only about 5 years as a subcontractor, and now recently just starting to go out for more residential jobs.

I hope to learn and contribute here on this forum.


Welcome Y’all!
Let us get right to the meat and potatoes.


Hi guys,
New member here :slight_smile:
Glad to find this community. :slight_smile:
See y’all around!


Hi, new of Roofing.com :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,
Hope you doing Well,

It’s nice platform to talk and discuss the things about roof concept.



Hi- and thank you for adding me. I have an 1899 house I am restoring and I love it. And learning about construction and how to do things well. And about good craftsmanship.


How do I search for topics here