Weird/bad truss on new construction?

Hi, in the inspection contingency phase of buying a new construction home from the builder. The attached picture is of the truss. The inspector isnt a contractor or roofer but he said it does not look normal the way it is…can someone tell me what’s going in it with, and if this is a big red flag?

Its hard to tell from the pic but to me it looks like they “sistered” a piece to the truss. It gets done when a piece of sheeting (plywood/osb) fails to land properly on the truss. While I consider it to be a bit of a sloppy work habit, its not something I would get worked up about either. Sometimes its necessary and unavoidable (edges of cheap trusses are sometimes rounded off).

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Ok, who would be best to consult to take a look in person? Also, doesnt it have to be permit approved?? I thought they cant alter what they got a permit for

Ask your builder about it. If it is what I think it is, then no, it shouldn’t require a permit. They aren’t altering the truss structurally, just giving a bit of extra area to nail the sheeting to.