Web Sites, Ego Boost or Quality Sales Tool?


Hey guys,
Are company web sites worth the money?
Do they produce results?
How much to run a decient site?
Or do you still get most of your business by word of mouth (referals)?

On the fence about setting one up.



A website is a must. Even people who are referred need to find you.


You need to be on the web for a few reasons…

The first is so people can look you up and get information example, lets say your canvassing and you leave your card or info on the door, the customer could look you up and see what you are all about before calling the number.

Second it can help others looking for a roof with colors with same style homes.

It is a must to have, i think tinner666 does web pages or something like that look him up


Thanks, i’ll have to start looking into the process.



Yellow Pages are on thier way out.

I average about 15 people a day looking at my website. They look at an average of 40 pages in my website.


I get jobs, not leads from mine every week. That and referrals keep me going.
I built several of my own for free. Just the 7.49 domain fee. Hosting costs 3.99 a month to run. I have some with free hosting. Shucks, I even give free hosting away.lol


We built and run our website thru freewebs for under $100. per year.It is essential in this day and age to have one.Its way more important that yellow pages.We are pulling out of yellow pages all together.


Web sites are no longer optional. If you don’t have a web site, you’re not real.

Plan on spending $800 to $1,200 on a simple web site that you, yourself can later update. In addition to the upfront fee, plan on spending between $20 and $50 a month for hosting.

There are lot of places that you can go for a free web site and free hosting. They are worth about what you pay for them. Sure, it is better than nothing. On the other hand, writing your name and phone number on a square of toilet paper is better than nothing but it isn’t as good as a business card.

More important (and burdensome) than the money, plan on investing time. Figure at least an hour a week once it is up and running and you fully understand how it works. Until then, three to five hours a week.

In order for your web site to be worth it, you’ll need $2,000 of profitable leads from the site in the first year and $600 each additional year. Given those minimum standards, yes, I think you will see results.

More importantly, a website amplifies and confirms word of mouth. Every day in every office around the country this exchange takes place…

‘Do you know a good xxxxxxx, I’m having a problem with yyyyyy?’

‘Yes, a few years ago I had a problem with yyyyyy and I used, um, I forget his name but I know he was over on Bloomfield Road, zzzzzz something. Hold on, let me google it.’

{googling happens}

‘Oh yeah, here he is… www.zzzzzzroofing.com, phone number 555-1212’.

Two or three years later, no one is going to have your card readily accessible and they may not even remember your full name. But, if they can google and find your web site, you’re that much closer to a sale.



our website is run by us very inexpensivly. But the proof is in the pictures of our work. that says a thousand words, not some fancy BS or bells and whistles.


I feel that if the web site is properly promoted that one is worth its weight in gold and will result in many leads. When I first started sixteen years ago I had one and I maintained it but during the resultant years I let it go.
But I am about ready to start a web site again and when I do I shall not only regularly maintain it but promote and market it quite extensively. As it is I do email quite a bit to our various niche markets. About sixty per cent of out marketing and sales were done to and for the real estate profession but with the economic slowdown our sales figures are way off but since my wife contracted caner a year ago-I have curtailed the promotion of the business severely but her health has stabilized which necessitates me getting off my arse and the marketing effort must be started and cranked up again.
So in a few words-it is worth every spent in prom otion of it.


Bennette has been roofing in the same area for more than 60 years. You’re the one guy who doesn’t need a web site.

I say that somewhat tongue-in-cheek, of course. Coca-Cola is the number one carbonated beverage in the world and its advertising budget is more that the GDP of many countries.

For an established company like Bennette, a web site is far less a driver of business than with a newer company. Bennette’s web presence is still manditory but it is not driving sales the way a good web site might with a company that doesn’t have as much word of mouth.



Thanks for the input,

Sounds like a definitive, Get One!

I’ve been doing some leg work reading, surfing and calling people. I was thinking about building one myself like some of you have done, but I’ll likely get someone to do it for me.
Learning about this stuff is like trying to learn chemistry.


There is going to be a 7 page article in the upcoming issue of Journal Of Light Construction, titled, “Websites For Rookies”, authored by a friend of mine, named Greg DiBernardo.

It is a complete simple guide on How T Build A Website, using GoDaddy or any of the other ones out there to walk you through all of the steps in what you need to do first and each step after that,including Screen Shots of all of the relevant fields needing to be edited and inputed.

Get the March Edition. Plus, it is a worthwhile magazine to get regularly on it’s own merit alone.



The big thing is keywords and keyword phrases. GEO targetted is good. Got 4 leads from my site yesterday, 2 today. About par. Last 10 days, there weren’t any calls which was real unusual even for my slow months.

I can help with some seo things, but not all. Just call.


Also, you can save a couple of bucks per domain that you register for by using an independent seller, such as the links in Tinner’s Signature Line.

You may want to scoop up all of your local town names as part of the Domain Title Name, just as an example.

So, the more names that you purchase, the more that you can save.




when you say you got leads do you mean 4 people called you because of your site or you had 4 views?


[quote=“ed the roofer”]Also, you can save a couple of bucks per domain that you register for by using an independent seller, such as the links in Tinner’s Signature Line.

You may want to scoop up all of your local town names as part of the Domain Title Name, just as an example.

So, the more names that you purchase, the more that you can save.


What do you mean by getting the town name?


Your Location:

www. BarrieRoofingShingles.com

would be an example.

I do Not know, if for search engine viewabiltiy if the phase should be separated or tight together though. I have heard that for people searching specifically for your domain URL, that underscores are not beneficial for ease of typing I presume.

Such as:

www. Barrie_Ontario_Roofing_Shingles.com



Ed, I was just viewing your site, very nice, the kind of site I would like to have. What are the carrying cost on a site like that? If I may ask. or send info to theroofingtech@yahoo.ca


Underscores in domain names are not allowed. Letters, numbers and hyphens are the only valid characters. Top level domains should not be all numbers (though many are) nor may a domain name begin or end with a hyphen.

Keywords in domain names are powerful. If my roofing company were ‘Matt Roofing, Inc.’ in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, I’d want my domain name to be ‘palmbeachroofer.com’ or something similar not ‘mattroofinginc.com’.

People who know that I am Matt Roofing will be able to find me online or in the yellow pages – they already know who I am. It is the people who just go to their favorite search engine and type ‘palm beach roofer’ who I want to be able to find me.

Your domain name is marketing. Don’t preach to the converted.