I am having a roof done and the roofer is using weatherwatch for Ice and water barrier I feel the product looks feels kind of thin plus a search here some mention grace or vicon is a much better product. The reply of the roofer is that grace/vicon are too hard to work with , he is used to the weatherwatch they are all rated the same as in warranty should i push this ? I do get ice dams and have had problems


My company sells both and I can tell you from experience that GRACE/Vycor sticks better immediately. But, once Weather Watch is applied, gets roofed over, and gets some sun on it, it is not coming up either. Grace/Vycor is harder to work with and is approximately twice the price. It ultimately is up to you, if you’ll sleep better at night knowing that Grace/Vycor Ice and Water Shield is installed on your home, then tell him to put it on. He should/will charge you more though. I would not pay the extra money for it. Guys get in love with it because it sticks right away. Hell try getting anybody’s up after the suns been baking it on.


i like the ice and water and use it on all my jobs. i have had no call backs in 6 years using it and we have a lot of ice build up in Connecticut.


I also use Weather watch. It works fine,and sticks at 40 degrees. I run a minimum of 2 rows at bottom,and had no call backs.We had record ice build up this past winter, and no problems…
If you want Grace, I would say to ask your contractor how much the difference would be ,and offer to pay him as YOU would prefer the more expensive brand…there is no difference in installation…


Grace/Vycor is far superior to weatherwatch, it costs much more also.


Harley Davidson is superior to Honda, but they both get you where you need to be,lol


I’m going to disagree with the referral for weather watch. I am servicing a job that has 3 rows of I&W,on a farmers porch area, on a 3 pitch, then a 12 pitch main roof with weather watch. The snow build up on the porch has found it’s way 6 feet up the roof…and the weather watch is as dry as dust, not even a hint of sticking to the overlap. Might as well have used 65 # felt and troweled the seams…I’m not a big fan of the synthetics…but I never roof in until I’m done stripping, so…the fear factor of an open roof is gone when I dry in with Grace. All others keep me up at night.


I can’t say that I’ve had that problem…That cht sticks to itself at the over laps so bad you better have it straight or you got a mess. Last time I checked Weather watch 69.00 per roll Grace 135.00. I am having a hard time selling the less expensive roof package,lol…I actually had a potential customer ask if I HAVE to use I&W, and re-paper…


anyone ever lay grace vycor in a valley on a hot day, get some cool light showers and have it sit up tight out of the valley? I guess it shrunk in the cold.


well, actually, no. its just more expensive.


this would be the first time i ever quoted my self but i want to add i think grace is a better product. if the home owner will pay for it i will put it on. many people i deal with like the lowest price i can give. my warranty is 10 years labor and i do stand by ice and water. i use the 10 inch roll of grace for skylights. i feel better about doing it that way.


I personally use weatherwatch…but i think they both perform the same. never had a problem.


I dont really care for weather watch. Certainteeds winter guard is 100 times better as far as adheasion and lap sealing properties. although Grace is the best for sure, its the original. If you show a custumer a sample of both it can be an upgrade they are willing to pay for.


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thanks for all the help Good Info


For the purpose it serves, WeatherWatch is just dandy.

I dont get the whole adhesion thing… Weatherwatch is made to be not as sticky for a reason. When it bakes in the sun, it adheres just as any other.

Seams? I have never had a weatherwatch seam failure yet.

For its purpose, I do not believe that Grace offers any added benefit to legitimize the price.


I agree with RooferJ, I’m sure the roofer will install grace if you are willing to pay the difference why not?