Weather Station Mount on Flat Roof

My condo has a flat roof and I am looking to put a weather station on the roof without 'breaking the seal’so to speak.

I was up walking around today and there are no existing pipes to mount to, so I thought I could put a tripod or a pipe flange on a bit of plywood set that on the roof and then put a sand bag or a cinder block on top of the plywood to keep it from blowing away.

There are some obvious high spots and low spots so I figured I’d just set it one one of the higher areas.

Do I need to worry about setting something like that on the roof?

Roof looks like normal asphalt shingle material but rolled out in big sheets.


The use of a stand or platform to hold your weather station is very common. Most often the stand is of metal and uses sand bags or cinder blocks to hold it down. You might consider setting the platform on 4x4 blocks, making sure they are aligned to allow water to run toward the drain.