Wavy shingles are driving me nuts

I know this has been asked alot but there’s quite a few spots of these “fishmouths” on my new roof installed in March. Some of the edges on some shingles are also sticking up. We are just approaching summer but have had a few hot days in May. What do you think? My confidence in the roofers I hired isn’t great since I had to call them back twice for mistakes I found. And yes I hired a company in business for 30 years and 2 personal recommendations.

Looks like you have some nail pops on the lower row. Call the Contractor and ask them to come out and fix them.

it is the decking and pour application the shingles were buttered up overlapping each other decking should have been nailed down most people forget the nail down the deck but I don’t if you don’t nail the decking the shingles will not last long your roof is only as good as your decking