Water from downspout running on roof

I recently installed a 40-year Malarkey Northwest XL fiberglass shingle roof. I would like to know if I should be concerned that a lot of water from a downspout will exit onto the roof and then run into another gutter.

Would this setup create excess wear on that part of the roof and cause premature failure?

I had that same thing and ran another gutter on top of the roof to direct the water into the lower gutter

It is certainly not ideal to have roof drainage pouring on one spot all the time. we always add downspout extensions and pipe it into the lower gutter. make sure they dont nail a strap hanger into the finished roof though. I have seen a trail of rotted sheathing on a lot of jobs in areas were downspouts drained on a section of roof.

Yes it would cause wear on the area where the water runs-off.

get yourself some of those green downspouts splashouts
that you put under the downspouts to protect the ground or grass and put them in place on the roof so the water splashes down on them .


If I were to add a downspout extension and have it flow at the same pitch down my roof, how to I bend the b-elbow to accomplish this?

Would I use a heat gun to make the elbow more flexible?

try to show us a pic…you should be able to do this very easily without modifying anything.


Use 2 A elbow’s