Water dripping from interior picture window


Good Morning,

I’m a first time home owner of a cape cod styled home and unfortunately I’ve had to deal with a number of issues within the first 6 months, The old gutters were replaced as soon as we purchased the house because of sagging and spillage. We had seamless gutters installed. The old gutters hung at the bottom of the flashing where these new gutters sit just below the shingle line but I think that there may be an issue.

The roof is 7 years old and in fairly good condition. We had some long soaking rains the last few days and last night, I found water dripping from the top of my living room picture window in the middle where the frame meets the molding. The exterior of this window is covered by soffits extending out over the top of the window by about a foot. The gutters were recently cleaned of fall leaves and I’m getting good run off from the downspout. I’m not seeing water stains or wetness in the drywall or ceiling so I’m assuming the water is getting behind the gutter, running down the soffit and getting passed the window casing.

Any suggestions on what to look for would be highly appreciated.


If you can upload some pictures, that would help.


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