I have noticed a lot of companies giving 3-5-7 year labor warranties. I always thought that 10 years was pretty standard on a complete new roof. How long of a standard labor warranty do you offer. And what would you cover in that warranty.

10 years and everything but ice damage and modifications to the roof.

10 yrs on workmanship

workmanship doesnt mean squat, because you can get hit by a car in 10 minutes…what good is the warranty then?

If i get hit by a car and then get a callback i guess Empie Jr. has some repairs to take care of. A little payback for all them video games and such. He is quite the business man he’ll probably pay his little brother to fix it. Capitalism is great.

Hmmm, ours seems to be a little different. 20 years on the entire roofing system, 50 years on lifetime shingles. Cost of installation labor included for any material defects. 20 years of 100 percent coverage on workmanship with tear off costs included as well as dumpster when needed. The warranty is also transferable for free to the next homeowner. That is all through the Gaf-Elk Weather stopper golden pledge limited warranty. You have to use all gaf-elk products on the roof and blah blah blah. People like to hear it though when usually spending 10 to 20 grand on a roof.

I did see the word LIMITED in there.

Yeah the limited part is if it isnt installed correctly which isnt a problem.

golden pledge covers workmanship for 20 years non- prorated.

we were actually talking about personal workmanship warranties though

How much do you have to pay GAF to give out that warranty. And I dont mean that in a cocky manner. I really dont like GAF shingles but i only install up to the 30yr shingles because in Michigan i think anything more than that is a waste of money. I dont think any shingle would last even 30 years around here. But I am still a puppy compared to some of you big dogs.

$12 a square

We pay $70 per roof and the homeowner pays the rest. Usually around 300 more but when looking at such a big and long term investment and the amount of money it could possibly save, VERY few turn it down.

if you were selling me a roof and i was spending that kind of dough id probably buy the extra warranty.

5 yrs on us or up to 20 yrs with golden pledge or certainteed 5 star coverage. we are certified with both.

you are master elite?

yeah, costs $8,000 for 2 yrs. they give you $4,000 per yer of warranties to sell. last year when its was only GAF, it was only $2,000.Certainteed if FREE. and they give you $1,500 per yr in warranties. much better deal.

[quote=“marshall exteriors”]

you are master elite?[/quote]

[quote=“mrroofer”]yeah, costs $8,000 for 2 yrs. they give you $4,000 per yer of warranties to sell. last year when its was only GAF, it was only $2,000.Certainteed if FREE. and they give you $1,500 per yr in warranties. much better deal.

you are master elite?[/quote]

i am also master elite and certified with certainteed (or should i say Saint Gobain). i choose to use GAF because they seem to be the leader. it seams like the other manufactures just copy what ever they do. plus most importantly i trust and like the product and rep. better.

My GAF rep. doesnt blow smoke up my asss like the certainteed rep.

however my siding division uses certainteed exclusively (what certainteed is origanaly known for)

I guess it all depends in what region you live.
i wont use GAF/ELK because there is almost a one month wait time if they are not in stock.

I have not used the shingles since the GAF/ELK merger so maybe i am completely out of line with what i’m about to say.
I do really like thier new color schemes now and will be giving them a chance in the future.

By 1999 i was convinced ELK was the worst shingle out of the manufacturers available to me.
(which was owens corning,certainteed,tamko,elk and GAF

Why? you open up a package and granules seem to flow out. Elk shingles were falling out of 7 and 8 pitch roofs like it was going out of style. Yes, it was because the roofers completly sucked.
But the roofers sucked and the shingles didn’t seem to fall out with other brands.

And then trying to repair the roof was a nightmare.
The glue holding the two pieces together was too weak allowing the shingles to fall out on steeper pitches.
and the glue that held the shingle to the next shingle was too strong. When it came to do a repair somewhere You couldn’t flatbar a shingle up without tearing it apart.

years ago, i used to think that GAF and ELK were connected in some way because of the way they looked and it seemed they used more granules than ashphalt.
My nails would blast in instead of sinking in.
I was not suprised at all when i heard the two companies joined together. I have no proof but i suspect they had ties long before the merger.

All that said, I hope that the shingles have improved.
Yes, i do see that they increased the width of the nail line but it and all manufacturers still need to increase it. The new color schemes do make a difference with me and if availability does get better, i would consider giving them a chance.