Wall and ceiling vibration

Have a vaulted ceiling with a center support wall, wall and ceiling are vibrating intermittently after new roof install, what could be causing this?

That’s unusual. Do you have a powered vent ?

Good guess rooferama. We used to install the power fans from Lowe’s and found a different source after several of these complaints. One customer said dishes in their drainer were rattling.
I’m thinking you are right on this.

For a power vent to be effective in a vaulted ceiling there would need to be one between each rafter.

That doesn’t mean some idiot didn’t install a power vent on a vaulted ceiling.

This may be a mistake with the poster, but a vaulted ceiling doesnt follow the pitch of the roof. There would be attic space across the room. A cathedral ceiling would be at the same pitch as the roof slope and would be closed off. The wall that’s shaking might be as he says, a center wall, holding up the ridge pole. Might be a wind turbine on the opposite side.


I’ve also experienced nail-base insulation expand and contract with heat and cold. This and wind have caused noise and vibration in the roof. Generally because the insulation was not fastened properly.

To my degree of knowledge, no they’re not powered, that’s guessing powered means using some sort of power source ie electric, they’re ridge vents that are rigid and fixed along the “ridge” of the roof line. The contractor did replace one but this did not fix the problem, they claim now they believe it is the venting for the HVAC system, however, it doesn’t vibrate when AC is on so I’m not sure how that’s possible, the problem didn’t manifest until they were day two into construction which was after removal of old material.

What type of roofing was removed? What type of roofing was installed? Was the roof decking replaced, covered, or re-nailed?

Pattern the vibration cycle to determine the cause, e.g. time - weather conditions - household equipment in use - trains - vehicle traffic - et al ad nauseum. Have to narrow the scope to troubleshoot effectively …

Has someone been on the roof when vibration is present?
A seemingly innocuous piece of material may have been removed during the refit which could have been essential.
No sense in conjecture and supposition.
Was there a ridge vent in the original construct?
Someone need to be on the roof during the occurrence of vibration especially where the support wall meets the roof