Vise versa


any ways im an illigal from mexico and i for some weird reason own a house and needed my roof done ,and lets say i call up some white contractor to re do it, now would you still do my reroof or you would tell me 2 f my self …or would u ask me 2 provide you with legit ss ,would you still take my money even tho im mexican???


sorry 12345,
dont think any illigals could own a house.
and if one did, he damn sure wouldnt high a roofing
company. him and family would knock it out in a day.

next example please.




You do not have to be a citizen to own property.


I did a roof once for a Mexican family. Of the 8 people living in the 1,000sq ft rambler luckily one spoke English.

The biggest problem we had was the insurance company really moved slow with the claim as there was more than likely a huge communication breakdown. A tree damaged the rear of the home and we tore off the back section repaired the trusses and decking, dried it in and tarped it for 7 weeks until the adjuster finally said to go ahead and replace the rest of the roof. Calls were made at least twice a week to the insurance company to speed things up.

To get the dump trailer in the drive we had to push two broke down cars out of the way, that was a first.

One of my workers was creeped out as one of the members of the family sat outside and watched her like a hawk for hours.

To own a house here in the US and not pay taxes must really be nice ah??? Last year the IRS got more from me than most familys make in a year.