Very Low Price Quote on a Metal Roof


I’ve met with a few contractors, both big company and independents, to get quotes on installing a new roof on my two story 2000 sq ft house. Currently there are two layers of asphalt shingles on the roof that need to be removed. The roof is very low pitch, and I have only 2 chimneys and one exhaust pipe. It’s a pretty straight forward install, but I asked for two quotes from each contractor: one with all asphalt shingles and one with asphalt shingles on the top roof and a metal roof on the bottom. The lower and upper roofs are approximately the same size.

All quotes for the all asphalt option are comparable in the $8,000-9000 range. One quote for the metal lower roof and asphalt upper roof came back as almost $20,000, which is pretty much what I expected. However, another contractor gave me a quote of $12,000, which is far below what I expected to pay. He’s a local independent contractor who has good reviews online (home advisor) and several local references. I haven’t seen any negative reviews. But I am very skeptical that his quote is so far below other contractors and what I know a metal roof should cost. He said he most likely cannot start my job for 2 months because he is so busy, which also concerns me a bit since other contractors said 1 month at most. Have you ever seen a bid discrepancy by this much? Should I walk away from this bid?



Just watch out for change orders
Is the estimate detailed so you can see that it is apples to apples comparison?
From material and scope of work to actual materials being used…?

Check that stuff



Here is the entire quote:

Roof shingles area entire upper roof on main house about 1400SQFT
Remove the existing shingles
Check the condition of the plywood, if necessary to replace any an additional fee will need to be added$ 80 per sheet of plywood.
Install ice water shield 3 feet up from the bottom of the roof, all vent pipes, followed with 15 lb, Tar paper. Install drip edge.
Install 30 year manufactuer warranty dimensional shingles Certain Teed, LANDMARK.
Install new vent pipes
Install flashing
Install ridge vent and shingle caps on top.
Time & Materials (including dumpster) $4,500.00

Lower garage roof, remove shingles and install metal roof
SL150 is a snap lock standing seam roof panel with 1.5" high ribs that installs with concealed clips. The clips allow the panel to freely expand and contract during thermal movement which can help ensure an aesthetically pleasing look when very long panel lengths are required. SL150 is popular in both residential and commercial applications and is a great choice for customers that prefer a taller rib profile or for roofs requiring very long panel lengths. Specifications: • Standing seam concealed fastener panel for roof applications. • Snap locking ribs. • Installs with clips. • 3:12 minimum recommended roof pitch. • Suitable for solid decking.
Times and Material for Metal Roof $ 5,800.00

As you can see, he copy and pasted the metal roof attributes from the roof website. I am going to ask him to include more details like the upper roof description has. I realize it’s not a standing seam metal roof which would be more expensive. But I just don’t get how it’s about the same price as asphalt shingles.



It would help to know the actual roof area of the upper and lower roof segments. I’m assuming you’re looking at around 30 squares or so and the lower roof must be significantly smaller. It also mates where you’re located, rates vary significantly by location.



The lower roof is not much smaller than the upper roof, which is why the pricing makes no sense to me. I called and the contractor assured me the quote is correct. My house is about 2000 square ft. It’s a typical two story colonial. I am located in Eastern PA, about 1 hour north of Philly.



Here’s a picture of a very similar house in my area.




Why do you want to split materials up? House square footage does not translate to roof area in most cases. If your roof is similar to what’s shown, I’d guess around 22 squares if there’s nothing in the back (ex sun room).

Based on what I see, the bid of $12,800 doesn’t seem low, perhaps just a but due to 2 layers removal. $22,000 seems quite high.



My neighbor did the same - asphalt on upper and metal on lower and it looks nice. You can barely see the upper roof so no need to spend the extra $ on metal.

The lower roof covers a two car garage and my den. It’s probably about the size of a three car garage, maybe a little more. I’m guessing it’s probably about 1,000 sq feet and then add the small over hang for the front porch.



I personally would never pay a premium for standing seam for cosmetics reasons but to each their own.

Bottom line, you haven’t provided enough detailed info to provide a detail answer. Looks like a really simple roof. Keep in mind not every roofer is comfortable installing standing seam. That may explain the higher pricing. As the one roofer has a solid reputation, I see no reason to worry about their price.



We are on the higher end in our area. Two layer comp reroof simple roof
like that would be $450 per. 24 gauge metal same detail would be $850 per



After taking some measurements and estimating roof slope, I am guessing my lower roof is about 850-950 sq ft. So let’s say it’s 9 square. At $5,800, he’s charging me about $650/sq for the metal standing seam roof. The quote didn’t specify 24 vs. 26 gauge steel or paint type so I’ll have to see what my options are. Does this sound about right?



It is low for our area but could be market price where you’re at, especially
for a smaller company with low overhead.



Looks like that is a Union Corrugating Panel. It is offered in 26ga and 24ga with the 24 ga having a better paint finish. He is most likely figuring the 26ga panel. I have never heard of that company but Metal Roofing tends to be regional.

You can always ask for references on other metal roofs he has done and references on other roofs in the area with the same manufacturer and panels.



Great idea! He mentioned a couple jobs he completed over the phone with the same or similar panels. I’ll see if he can provide the address so I can see the work and hopefully talk to a customer.



Well I asked for references and he provided two but explained that he installed metal roof on the barn (corrugated panels). He also seemed mad that I was questioning his work and told me that he has a lot of jobs lined up this year and may not be able to get to mine soon. Although he has good reviews, there are too many red flags here for me. I am going to look elsewhere even if that means going with all asphalt.



Good call dh. Anyone who gets offended by a customers research should be avoided.
When people ask for references I offer to open up my notebook for them. I explain that the worst roofer can provide references from 4 or 5 ignorant customers when they have 50 unhappy ones they hide. I tell prospective customers they can put a list of our past jobs on the wall and throw a dart at it. Whichever one it hits call them. Hopefully it doesn’t land on the one A-hole we dealt with that year!



Good call! Never ignore your instincts. There is a reason when someone is hesitant to provide references. I wish more Customers would insist on references, it would help weed out the low ball hacks.

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Good call if you have mixed feelings before signing the contract it is not likely to get better after the job is stated.

We will provide you with all the references you want, once we throw in independence hall they normally know we arnt messing around. If you are in an area where we do a lot of work our estimator often will have the customer get in the truck and personally drive them around to show them 5-10 jobs we have done.

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