Verified un-repairable, but denied

Ive recently started an Allstate claim where the field recorder did a virtual inspection with the desk adjuster. 30sq roof had some 40 wind damaged shingles to both slopes. During the inspection i had him to do a brittle test for the desk adjuster and it was recorded as failed on live feed. it was marked FAILED BRITTLE TEST for video purposes. I was ask to attempt the repair as a last hoop to jump through and send pics of those results, also failed. Now the adjuster contacted the homeowner and said all looks good, then called 2 days later and is asking for his contractor to pull a shingle and mail it back to Allstate in a preposted package theyre sending out. This is the first time this chain of events has happened in a career thats been quite long for me. theyre own test deemed failed, a requested test for me same results. The home owner is seeing them keep requesting tests till they finally get a different result to deny full replacement. i would love to hear some thoughts on this.

I’m an owner of a roofing company here in Missouri and I totally hate dealing with All state. Your entire roof pretty much has to be laying in the middle of the street to get approved. They will find every reason possible not to give you a full roof replacement. My best advice: Find another insurance to go with. The bottom line is- Your NOT in good hands with Allstate!

The Homeowner should contact the Adjuster, then the Adjuster’s Manager and move on up the line until they get satisfaction. We have used this approach rather often with success. If the Homeowner doesn’t care enough to do this, it really isn’t the Contractor’s place to argue the situation. They can also write a letter to the States Attorney General and Insurance Commissioner with a copy to the VP of Claims at Allstate. That will also get attention.

Much appreciated AD…I keep an eye on most of what you articulate and it seems you have the respect of most the forum, so your opinion and your time rates valuable to me.

Ive recently received another email from them asking me to attempt another repair, so their intentions are becoming evident. I always involve the homeowner in any request of my own simply because the “promises” are made to them not my company. Plus it’s just a powerful move that gets results more often then not.

On a different note…I’ve always been able to secure payment on steep charges for multiple layers. Paid “per square” in Xactimate is obvious in its own intent. But it’s the year for new hurdles I guess because I recently received a denial of payment for steep on an added layer stating “per Farm Bureaus guidelines”. So this will be the first time I’ve had to push for coverage on that. It was an ACV policy that again the same as every other FB policy holder in this are did not know they didn’t have replacement cost. It’s been a plague organized by the local faction. Anyways, the policy holder paid the difference for me to complete the roof in its entirety. I’ve informed FB that I’ve already been paid for my services but that I would complete the supplement process for any charges incurred in efforts to recoup as much value as possible back to the policy holder. FB knows all of this and is still stonewalling me on it. Can I ask how you would proceed from this point? Granted it’s not a major sum of money on this claim but for me it’s becoming more about the point that they’ve fooled all these local homeowners and have cost them all a good deal of money in repairs after the recent hail storm. Also I’m sure I have them in several of my “open” claims that are bound to be steep at one point or another. So I would love to get coverage invoked now to evade future denials on the same line item. Any thoughts on the coarse of this issue would be greatly appreciated …TIA

Yea you got that right buddy. They are the “hoop jumping” masters. I’ve informed my policy holder that in my opinion, once I get this covered, personally I would jump ship. He’s been with AllState for 18 yrs now I believe, but just the hassle they create deems them “un-repairable” and warrants “full replacement” of them as the insurer…lol…thanks for the reply …:call_me_hand:

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