Venting a ranch

Bought a ranch a few years ago with an old roof. Courtesy of a hail storm, i can afford to replace the roof and decking now.

38’ long, 15’ up each rake. 12" x 18" gable vents on each end, and 2 pod vents (look like 750’s) on there now. No soffit ventilation. I want to keep a few new pods up there to show any future hail. Can i add ridge vent, or should i just add more pod vents?

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What’s the situation with your intake ventilation? This is going to affect your air flow more than most any other answer we provide, however ridge vents are going to work efficiently as well.

Oh, & one last thing - by “pod vents” do you mean a thermostatically controlled, electric powered air vent?

Currently i have no soffit ventilation. I can install them down the road. It may be 4" from fascia to brick. Other than that i have the 2 gable vents, 2 pod vents.

Pod vent, pot vent, box vent, turtle vent…Lomanco 750, Airvent RVAL 50, O.C. 455, etc. Not a powered vent.


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Add the ridge, add the soffit, block the gable vents, scrap the pod vents.

Just my two cents.

How soon do you want to replace your brand new roof, if it is your intention to keep the mushroom pot vents on the roof?

Just ventilate it properly with an externally baffled ridge vent and balance the intake ventilation, using 100 % continuous intake ventilation and 100 % of the ridge line.

Buy a better shingle and sit back and don’t worry about it, but keep the records and receipts, just in case.