Ventilator Turbine Recommendation Flat Roof Industrial Building

Hello Everyone I am in need of your Expertise,

I have an industrial building located in Coastal Southern California (Orange County Area) It is approximately 13,000 sqft. 2,000 of which is offices 11,000 is warehouse space. My current tenant stores a product that is heat sensitive and is requesting i do something about the summertime heat issue for them. From the pictures i’ve seen i believe the roof is a modified bitumen. The top of the roof is a gray color with what appears like a black tar material underneath. From the inside of the building you can look up and see plywood/ 2 by 4’s (unfortunately i don’t have any pictures). From the research i’ve done, it seems like ventilator turbines are the answer. I was planning on ordering 8-24" Grainger Brand 33w301 turbines as it seemed to be the best solution (A neighboring building installed these and they seem to work well and the owner told me they’ve had 0 leaks). However, every company i’ve contacted who carries the product is out of stock and with summer already here, i can’t wait for a restock.

What would you recommend for a good quality ventilator turbine to install on my roof? I’d prefer something stainless steel to hopefully avoid rusting and for durability. I should also mention i’m not opposed to installing large fans if this is a better solution(possibly even solar attic fans). In short, i’m looking for a long-term solution that doesn’t break my pocketbook.

Any input appreciated.

Simple fix. apply either a white, energy efficient elastomeric or silicone product, it comes in usually 5 gallon buckets over your entire roof. It paints on. Big box stores will carry this in a variety of brands. This will reflect up to 90% of the sun absorption from radiating into your building. This can be applied over your modified bitumen (torch down). I would stay away fro solar or electrical fans. There is a growing number of roofers that are against this, me being one of them.

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