Ventilation Disclaimer Needed


Ventilation Disclaimer Needed …

We are looking for language for our Customers to sign when they opt not to included our Ventilation Work along with our Roof Work …



call a lawyer. thats what most people do when they need legal papers. They can put it into a binding agreement so you can not be burned.


Lawyer is nice … but nicer if you have a start of something to take to them … after all this is a specialty field - it is cheaper to review than do … :slight_smile:


My thing is if they dont want to do it right why bother with it. They are not the customers that you would want anyways.


… Do it right or don’t do it at all … that is the way we think also - and the “ventilation disclaimer” makes people sit-up and think and after all an educated customer is what we want …



The manufacturers of the products you use have one for you.

I have no problem not upgrading ventilation. Sign off on it and I will install the roof. A lot of roofs do not need the upgrade anyway.


Thanks Lefty … I will check with them … but our ventilation supply (air vent) did not have and suggested we check with other contractors we know …

perhaps the shingle folks have - will check there … but certainteed and airvent are pretty much hand in hand …


I always include it on every job unless they already have/ want a Powerfan. If you include it in they dont really care unless they are cheap and are looking for ways to cut cost. If thats the case they are going to go with the cheapest Joe Schmo and the pickup truck anyways. I wouldnt ask them, just put it in.

Tell them… " It will make your attic cooler, less moist in the winter and make your shingles last longer. What part of that dont you want?"