Ventilation Chutes

:?: Should there be a soffit vent air chute in every rafter space? Maybe chute isn’t the right word. It’s the device that holds the attic insulation down so the air can come in to the attic space from the soffit vents.

If it is a cathedral ceiling, then yes, every chute from bottom to top.

If it is a regular attic, at the base of every rafter there should be one.

In both cases, that depends on if there is a continuous soffit vent located between every rafter though, or individual soffit louver vents installed between each one.


Thanks for the input. It’s a hip roof ranch with an attic and double layer of fiberglass insulation that’s been jammed so hard into the soffit I need to use a garden rake to pull it out. Good job for winter


Also known as:


Baffle Vents

Insulation Chutes

Insulation Baffle Vent Chutes

Proper Vents

They sell them inexpensively at Home Depot and Menards for sure and probably at Lowes too.

They typically come in 24" wide by 4 foot high pieces with a perforation in the center to break them into 2 of 12 inch wide by 4 foot long sections. You use the 12 inch wide ones in between the 16" OC rafter spacings.


152 chutes and a few more bales of insulation installed. It was absolutely as miserable as I thought it would be. Hopefully it will help with the ice dam problem as well as cooling. On the last trip into the attic I noticed an updraft through the access hatch instead of hot air falling out of it.
Thanks for the advice.


I guess you didn’t wait for winter.

I am glad to hear that you did it the Right Way.

Kudos to you.