Vent Leak Question

During rain storms, I have water leaking into my attic around one of my gas HVAC vents. My roofer sealed the area where the vent exits the flashing and above the storm collar. That slowed it down, but it still leaks along the vent seam. The drips run down the exterior of the vent pipe, INSIDE the seam, then drip off at the first joint. Will I need the vent seam above the storm collar sealed, a new vent or something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Replacement of the vent stack is best but it can be sealed with a high quality exterior grade silicone.

maybe the vent is in an area where it gets
drownded by water.

try to look at it from that angle.


Okay, thanks for your help.

you can use a gutter sealant on it will hold up much longer,or get a new one is what i would do.


Maybe the flange is shingled wrong.