Value of 50 year shingles

Hi…we are looking at purchasing an existing home. the house is about 8 years old and are wondering how much value having 50 yr shingles (vs standard 25-30 yr) adds to the price of the home. any thoughts?

Not a lot, in my area.

what area are you in?

It would add less value than the cost difference between a 30 and 50 year shingle more than likely. In Addition the added labor cost would not bring the value of roof up.

Most home owners who buy 50 year shingles figure it will more than likely be the last roof they put on. There is another group of home owners that are forced into putting a 50 year roof on due to developement codes.

The fact of the matter is a 50 year roof will more than likely look ugly by say year 35.


If I were buying, I would pay as little as possible for the exisiting upgrade.

My opinion is unless its slate,tile, metal ect… its not worth a dime in this market.

When I installed my OC lifetime shingles (50 yr) last year. I paid approx $25 more per square. My home was 30 square, so the math tells you I paid an additional $750 for the shingles.

I am not a roofer, but I do not believe that you pay more for the installation. But the experts here could answer that for you!

to be honest,
have fixed more 50yr demensional roofs,
than 25-30s


[quote=“gweedo”]to be honest,
have fixed more 50yr demensional roofs,
than 25-30s


Yep, in fact, i have found many 50 year architects to be unrepairable. it is because the shingles are so thick that they become “Hard” and not flexible. thus making it impossible to set new shingles in where a tree has fell on it.

You get 50 year shingles for looks only.
They are not going to last 50.
They are only going to last 30 years max and that is with a power vent and a really really good roofer.

We tore off two 30 year old roofs in the past three weeks that still held water and they were 15-20 year shingles.

Got a roof to do with 50 year organic laminates and at 30 years they are shot. The roof is a 18/12 and faces the South. That roof has four diferent types of shingles on it!