Just fired my long time office manager for attempted embezelement. She was calling in more hours than she worked. Luckily i actually read the time sheets. WTF is wrong with people? She was with me for years!!! Just thought i would vent…carry on…


Darn, am I sorry for you. Just wondering on how many years did she work for you-as this will give me a better mental picture as to what happened and when she decided to go bad on you. Was there any incident or time frame that sticks out in your mind as to maybe any reasoning behind her decision to try and rip you off.


She has been with me for years. even was my babysitter when she was 16 (now in her mid 20’s). she actually didnt get anything. I caught her on her first try.


Sorry to hear that. Well atleast she did not get anything.


three rules in life:

#1 Dont trust anyone.

#2 Always keep your mouth shut

#3 never rat on your friends.

and there are 2 things that anyone (even your “best friend”) will screw you over if offered enough of. #1 money, and #2 pussy.

sorry you got screwed by one of your good employees. but it sounds like if you got her on her first attempt, you already stick to rule #1.


You are not alone.

7 years ago, my office manager started to slack off really bad in December, 2001.

He had all sorts of personal problems and excuses each and every time.

Well, there was no more showing up at all by the end of the month, so I called my former office manager to come in and help close out the year for me and she discovered about $ 5,000.00 Plus dollars worth of checks cashed, but not entered into the computer system.

The sneak went ahead and recorded and printed his payroll transactions and the, had found my old name stamper, from when I had broken my hand and then deleted the transactions from the system.

The Attorney General caught up to him and I got reimbursed a whole whopping $ 20.00 so far. Yipee!!!

Don’t ever let anyone else have signature control. Lesson learned.



Those are great sage words of wisdom Agape.
I guess its the worst when they try to embezzle the money and the pussy.


How was she going to be able to get that new purse
and buy all the christmas gifts?

You can’t make no money unless
your workin the cash register…

Your christmas bonus must not have been good enough.


You can obtain insurance against these types of occurances