Utilizing Xactimate Autocalc Function


Just a heads up for those who do insurance work and use Xactimate. They have incorporated an autocalc function for calculating roof materials. It is used in the replace portion for RFG 220, 240 and 300 (20, 25 year composite, 30 year laminate). If you pull up that line item and look to the right of the Calc: box, you’ll see a little blue cube. Click on it. You can choose the roof waste number or set it to Auto Calculate. You then set the type of valley and whether or not to include starter course in the replace calculation. This will now accurately calculate the squares of shingles required for the roof. It does not allow for cap to be bundled in which makes for a strong argument to the insurance companies for paying cap as a separate line item. We’re having reasonable success with that.

I exchanged a number of emails with the Xactimate Engineer who was the supervisor of the development team for this function. He sent me the background math used for this calculation. It is very similar to what I was using in the Waste Calculation Spread Sheet i developed. That’s why I switched to using the autocalc function. We have tested it quite a bit and found it to be as accurate as anything we’ve used. Between it and breaking out ridge cap separately, it also pays better than using the insurance companies BS bundled generic waste factors of 10% for gables and 15% for hips.

To be clear, if you aren’t sketching the roof in Xactimate or importing in the roof takeoffs from an Eagle View type report, I don’t think this will work. It needs all the variables such as roof area, valley, eaves, rakes, etc. in order to run the calculations.

I hope this helps some people.


Thank you for the tip.


I’ve been reading and following these forums for years and now have finally had a reason to sign up and comment!

Any chance that they or you have that information or their specific calculations available anywhere? We have been losing margin year over year here in Denver and are trying to be smarter about this specific aspect of Material ordering and supplementing. To be honest we hadn’t had to worry about it for so long, but now as Ins companies are tightening their belts (looking at you Amfam) and Labor is getting astronomical we are trying to get smart on how we calculate what we send out and what we pay our guys for.

We have developed our own estimating web app for Estimates, material ordering, invoicing, supplementing and work orders which sends out materials based on some simple waste calculations we have used, but if we could start plugging in specific Xactimate waste calculations that would be awesome. You can email me dwhitem@gmail.com with any information you might be able to help up with. Or even if you could point me in the right direction of who to talk to at Xactware/Xactimate that would be wonderful Thanks!


Go here to download the free roof waste calculator. Roof Waste Spreadsheet