Using Solar Seal in winter


I have a leak in my roof and called a roofing company to check it out. They were here two weeks ago. I was told that the shingles are in good condition. There were a couple of loose spots in the flashing, but apparently the main problem was sealant that had deteriorated. (The roof is 9 years old.)

The roofer applied Solar Seal. Conditions at the time were dry, with temperatures in the mid-30s. It stayed that way for the remainder of the day but snowed overnight, and the snow did not melt off for several days.

The roof still leaks after rain or snow melt. Did the weather conditions keep the Solar Seal from curing properly? What conditions are necessary for successful application of Solar Seal? (minimum temperature, number of dry days after application, etc.) Or might the problem be something other than the sealant?


Not sure what the spec’s are for your question regarding temp, ect… But from experience you can apply it in 30 degree temp. Could be that they missed something. Its hard to guess what the problem could be without any pics.



Could be anything.

Alot of roofers think chaulk is a cure-all.


I agree with you 100% lefty


sounds like your roofer didnt find the cause of the leak


I have a call in to the company to get the roofer to come back out. Any advice on what I should make sure they are doing?

This house is a colonial with a second story that covers only part of the first story, and an attached garage. The problem areas are around the two chimneys and where the second story meets the first.

gtp1003, I see you are in Shelby Township, Michigan. That is near where I live. If I can’t get this roofer to fix the problem, is there someone in this area who knows what they’re doing?