Using and claiming for a job Supervisor


Is anyone using a job Supervisor and able to claim (and get approved) for him/her? Using a supervisor IS a line item in Xactimate but I’m wondering what rationale you’re using to get that approved through insurance claims.


Supplement by turning in their time sheet. More detail, the better.


THANKS for the response. Makes sense!


No guarantee that will be successful but I believe it will provide you with the best chance for success. It will work at least part of the time. That’s generally all you can hope for in this business.


Do you not have a supervisor on staff for every job as part of your per square pricing? Why should that be a separate line item?


We have a crew chief on site for every job who also helps with the roofing. But, we use a Project Manager, at times, to do a myriad of things that we wouldn’t bother the crew for so they can get their job done. It is a separate line item in Xactimate, thankfully, because we do want to add it to our estimate, when needed.


How is an ins roof any different than non ins? It’s a separate line because roofers will use any line for any reason they can to get more money of the ins job. Your normal overhead should include the expense of your staff. If there was a line item for “clerical” would you use it too?

Kevin Pratt

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In answer to your first question: it’s not. And, in answer to your second question: No. Normally, Kevin, we don’t add a Project Manager to our estimates. We only do that when the circumstances, we feel, warrant it. I wanted to know the wording other roofers use. I can definitely tell you’re on the insurance side of things. You are, as my perception is, of all in the insurance industry…suspicious of the contractors. I sincerely hope I’m wrong.


You should read the Xactimate White Paper that covers this and it will answer your questions. Residential O&P is a cost that is not applicable to direct job cost nor is it included in General Contractor Overhead & Profit. Further, if you were to attempt to include it into GC O&P, 10% Overhead would hardly be adequate to cover it.


AD do you have a link to that white paper?


Xactimate support website.