US Government and State of Pennsylvania Grant Fraud


I recently came across some information about the “Wycombe Train Stationâ€Â


If they don’t like their pay, then quit or find another job. It’s as simple as that!


if they are not paying state rate on a state job…it will catch them. To do the job they have to have thier payroll certified.

gutters should not be done before roof.

are you a disgruntled employee?

where do you get that sheetmetal workers get $60 something an hour? And is this metal a roofing material? if so…they are roofers…not sheetmetal workers.


The workers are performing the work without harnesses and hard hats.
Ive seen more guys wipeout because of harnesses…and hardhats on a roof EH!now ive heard of dumb things in the past but hardhats on roofs EH!I could never understand that one…think a bird might shit on them?LOL!!


“Disgruntled” is the perfect description!

A disgruntled what? you might ask.

A disgruntled thug… A union disgruntled thug.
A union contractor who is protesting anothers free right desicion to NOT USE UNION.
Its called freedom…

Trys to gain the compassion of the listener by telling you how much they “care about the worker”.
Their two points are Pay amounts and safety.
They use OSHA as a weapon.
Talks about the Pay and the safety for the worker.
But in the same breath,does everything to shut them down. Stop all progress, all work.
Trys to punish the entity and bring OSHA to fine everybody.
And trys to get any other government agency involved that they can to drum up some trouble.

Then at the same time the union does everything to ruin the reputation of that entity that didn’t hire them. They try to ruin the reputation by claiming that the hired workers are all underpaid.
They always have the god-given exact number that every worker will be paid.

Just another union thug hard at work…


Disgruntled or not. Union or non-union. Fair or un-fair.

None of this matters. What the real issue is this people are breaking the rules. The rules are the rules. If you do not like the rules, fight to change them. Do not break them.