Upstairs walkout


Hello everyone,
I live in Phoenix and have changed my second floor deck from a non-walkout to a walkout and under that is the ceiling of the 1st floor deck. I want to know what type of roofing material (not tile) I should use to cover the deck. My wife wants to put a patio set up there so please keep that in mind when suggesting the material.

Thanks for the help



If you want roofing that you can walk on contact a local commercial company that installs Sarnafil, Fibertite, or IB.
They have membranes that are designed for situation.

If you are going to install a deck over this roof you can use EPDM, modified, BUR, or several other low slope roofing materials.
You will need a good roofer for this project, it is monumentally important that this be done right the first time.


doorway , roof deck , patio set , wife.
oh lord.

your askin an awfull lot of that roof area.
your gonna need a good roofer. it is very hard to get a door and threashhold sealed. and sealed for good.

no neighboorhood handy man on this on.



Gweedo speaketh.

But you can bet your bottom dollar this homeowner will not listen.

He seems to have lots of money though. So they will be able to afford to fix the thresh-hold over and over again. And the roof.

I have a system to do this but i will only share it with people who actually want me to do the work.

The entry to the deck and the siding and the siding tie-in are now your roof also.
Usually overlooked and causing years of pain and suffering.


hope we didnt scare poster away.



There are some deck coatings he could use, but I’m not a big coating guy.