Upgrade decking when re-roofing?

We recently had a severe hail storm which totaled our roof.

I was unaware of radiant barrier and it’s benefits when we built the home in 1999. In the past few years I have struggled to keep the house cool in during the summer months without ridiculous bills. I have somewhat reduced by adding additional insulation and installing 2 thermostatic attic fans.

I have thought of adding some sort of radiant barrier over the past year or so, but the areas that need it most do not have accessible attic space.

My questions are:

  1. Since they are pulling of the composition roof, should is it better to go ahead and have the roof re-decked with a radiant barrier decking? If I don’t do it now, I will only have the option of spray on type or retrofit type. Further, there are 3 areas that are not common to the main attic, so I would have to cut a hole in the ceiling to gain access for retrofit.

  2. Will adding ridge vents to the main attic space short circuit the effectiveness of the powered fans?

  3. Should I consider adding ridge vents to the areas of the of the roof that do not have accessible attic space (no benefit from powered pan)?

Thanks in advance.

#1 Don’t know much about radiant barriers. I am currently researching that subject, ventilation issues and where and how much to install insulation. There is just so much debate on all that stuff it’s hard slogging through all the “opinions” to find the facts.

2# Yes, ridgevent and fans would “short circut” each other. (Unless you ask Dennis…)

#3 Yes, you should have exhaust where the current vents don’t service. Ridgevent is usually the preferred device.

Keep in mind that you also need intake airflow if you don’t have any already. Eave or soffit type vent work best.

I need to check where McKinney is in Texas.

Your roof is your houses protection from Sun, Weather, and critters. Consider that when making decisions on what to protect yourself from.

I see McKinney is ‘Unique by Nature’… http://www.mckinneytexas.org/frameset.asp?aid=144

I am in the mountains up North where right now, it’s freezing rain and 17 degrees outside.

But I have Snowbirds living in my 1800s attic, though. They specifically drilled holes in the sides of the attic walls to allow small birds to nest (insect control?). I wouldn’t recommend it since they are noisy and spread disease. Not all ‘old timer’ tricks are winners. However, I removed knob/tube, insulated the floor, redecked, and gave the birds a wooden box with some hay… wouldn’t want to destroy a 120 year old wildlife refuge.

Who has done the research and has yet to be proven wrong by anybody with a proper scientifically based arguement or study. :smiley:

more info
Short Circuit Myth
Mixing ridge and power vents

Agree with #3 though. :slight_smile:

Further to the “short circuit” in the main attic. If I elect to re-deck the roof with radiant barrier, should I just eliminate the fans and go with ridge vents, or reinstall my fans. I think they do a fabulous job of moving air, but I have to set the threshold temp relatively high so they don’t run 24/7 during the summer. Mid-summer night temps are sometimes 85+, so attic never really gets below 95-100. With multiple bedrooms on second floor, fans are kind of annoying.