Well yesterday i found out that my daughter in law is pregant. My wife was crying most of the day. On top of that i found out she got a sizable raise for her to stay where she is currently at. I got a small raise nothing like she got. Yesterday i basically had a flu bug. But honestly i dont know if i am ready to be a grandpa at this stage of my life. My wife is already spending money we do not have. Wants us to move into a 3 bedroom apartment. Thats another 150 a month so she can have a babys room. Talking about buying gift for the baby before shes even 2 months along. I dont know im just taking it in and not saying to much other than congrats. Any advise on these subjects?

You worry too much, everything works out in the end. Go to the doctor, get some Xanax and enjoy your grandbaby.

Once you actualy see and hold the baby, you will not worry about the money.

Tell your wife to slow down on the plans maybe, but not in a stern way to cause an argument.

Don’t worry about it, because it will work out in the end.

By the way, congratulations, Grandpa.


[quote=“ed the roofer”]

By the way, congratulations, Grandpa.


are’nt you the same age as me…“34”…(GTP i mean) dont even think of callling me grandpa…my daughter is only 3!!


What wife doesn’t like to spend money? 34 with a grandkid, did I read that right? Shoot I better get started, 28 with no kids.

Yea your right marshall. They mommy to be is not mine. It is my wifes. And yes she is older than i am.