Your shirt could snag a nail, maybe a saftey hazard.

Comes down to what that company wants is the bottom line. Thing is most top talent guys won’t work like that. I know I wouldn’t.

There are shinglers and then there are professional roofers. Like I said, we are a cut above the rest.

ROFL. Dress code doesn’t make you better than the competition, knowledge and work ethic does! See it’s like this, the top talent guys know we can go anywhere because in a industry infested with drunks, drug users and retards the few intelligent people are a valuable commodity and just having one top guy in your company can make or break you. I’ve lived in three different states in three different regions of the US and never been more than 3 days without a job unless it was by choice. Tell me I can’t take off my shirt when it’s 120 degrees on the roof top and I will laugh and walk. Ah, but the dregs of roofing…the idiots, drunks and methadone junkies can’t get another job so easily, they are the ones forced to conform to stupid rules. So keep telling yourself you’re “a cut above” because you wear shirts. My shirtless ass will run circles around your top guy, on the roof or in the office, lol.

I guess it’s all in translation,To you I’m working on a roof,to me its a day at the beach.

LOL . Ditto tar Monkey. We are the highest priced roofing contractor in our area. No subs and No immigrants “not one !” all Anglo American guys that get paid very well. I do give them company shirts but ill be damed if I would stoop to being an A-hole and tell them to keep it on when its hot. There roofers for Gods sake. We are the real deal in roofing, and custumers appreciate that.

Ask this guy what his opinion of shirts vs. skins is:

well its like this.
back in the day here in tampa bay you could roof without a shirt, in cut off jeans, if you wanted to.

those days are over.
all the big roofing companys here wont let you work without proper uniform.

you can still roof someones house on the weekend,
in a bikini if you want to, but you wont be sellin alot of big roofing jobs with a rag tag lookin bunch.
dont matter if they are as good a roofer as i or not.


LOL :stuck_out_tongue: . Hey thanks Ranch. God bless my Grampa.
Im sure he wore his shirt when he worked Hot tar though. All your framming carpenters work shirtless as well these days.