I pasted a house getting a new roof by a company in town with a very good reputation. I am sure they do good work but the entire crew was walking outside without shirts on.

If you have a crew - do you have a dress code or is shirtless OK?

yes, we provide uniforms for all of our employees. they each recieve 13 shorts and 13 button-up shirts. each one has their name one it and some say forman. it cost us about $4.50 per week per employee. we also have 45-50 fulltime workers.

Shirtless is popular in this area. Doesn’t look professional. But it is what it is.

i give all my employees shirts… they are shirtless by noon :? . not alot you can do if you dont want them to quit.

I think I’ve only seen one or two of my guys go ‘skins’ a grand total of 3 times.

They don’t want to get dirt stuck to them any more than they already are, so I think that’s why they keep the shirts on.

Also, it’s not like they need to work on their tans… they’re already brown to begin with.

I used to wear cut off jeans and a pair of high top Converse. I’ll bust ass in hell for you but It’s going to be on my terms. Be happy I’m not wearing a leopord skin thong…

Not on my crew you ain’t.


Ranch Hand pulled out his high school year book photo!

Looking good there big guy!11!!!1!

No shirt, no job. You want a job without a shirt, be a lifeguard. Our team is a reflection of what our business is. We are a cut above the rest. Set some policies with every worker. It makes it much easier to deal with them when a problem comes up.


Ranch Hand pulled out his high school year book photo!

Looking good there big guy!11!!!1![/quote]

Yeah, but I gets the woman alls time.

Vera nice. See how they are liking my bulges?

a profesional roofing crew does not have to be run like nazi germany . If you fire guys or bitch at them for not wearing a shirt in a outdoor trade then you are an A-hole and your guys most likely will think your a dik.

Anybody thats been on a roof in the blistering heat would know why we take our shirts off.Whatever makes you comfortable,nothing unprofessional about that.

To be quite honest, our management doesn’t have problems with any employees. Following the rules set are just part of life. If you don’t like the rules, break them and pay the price, or find a job somewhere else. There are shinglers and then there are professional roofers. Like I said, we are a cut above the rest.

Wow, Great.

You obviously don’t work on the roof.
I run around half naked all summer, have been for years…
If I worked for a company that wouldn’t allow me to take off my shirt in the heat, I would quit and go somewhere else.

Freakin’ roofing neverland… :roll:

yeah… i have a handbook with write ups and all…good luck with that!!

they usually try to see who can get the most right ups :?

roofers should be dressed properlly.
it does mean alot.
you do get good work out of well dressed workers.


It seems like you guys are more worried about what the guys are wearing then what sort of work they are doing. The way I look at it, if my employees will be more comfortable with a shirt off because of how hot it is, then fine let them take it off. It has nothing to do with the quality of their work. Why dont you worry more about employees who are using drugs while on the job site or about all the contractors who hire illegal employees to cheat the system and the rest of us honest legal employers. Now, thats an issue!

I agree with shirts, I know it is hot, but another thing to think about is OSHA requirements, the last time I checked shirts with sleeves IS a requirement, so if you don’t mind the fines and unprofessional look, go shirtless.

Shirts are only required for hot work.