Unidentified Aluminum Roof


I have been unable to identify the manufacturer or style of this aluminum roof. The home is in the Houston area and damaged was caused by Ike. The roof was apparently installed 20 plus years ago. I would like to find out if anyone knows who manufactures it, if its available and from where. Any help would be appreciated.





You might check the alcoa website. They sold alot of that style in this area. I’ve torn a off a landfill load of em over the years. Mostly on top of cedar shakes. Honestly, you probably already thought about this, but you will waste alot of time messing with those. I would press on with a different product. Unless you have lots of time and they are someone special. You’ll never match color.


I came across some that looked similar on a property somewhere around S. Wayside or Griggs. Your photo doesn’t give me a good look at your roof, but if it is the same as I’ve seen they don’t make those any more.




I emailed the Ply Gem’s (Company that bought out ALCOA Home Exteriors)technical rep. He said it is without a doubt NOT a product that ALCOA manufactured. Classic Metal Roofing said the same thing for Kaiser Aluminum Products.


Alcoa sold their metal roofing lines to Classic Products, but this style is definitely not on the menu, so I guess they just scrapped it. There are many styles of Alcoa shingle and shakes that had inferior locks and were prone to blow-offs, leaks, etc, so they just stopped making them all-together or sold to others.

We are tearing off on of those right now - it is an aluminum shake with 1/4 inch lock on IHOP rest.

Best thing for you is to get Ins. Co. to pay for a new roof, since you can’t find replacement parts.

Good luck.


what size are the panels ???


I’m not sure of the size all I have is the pictures. Do you have an idea of what it is?