Underlayment and Valley Linings

I’m in the Atlanta area and have received re-roof quotes from some of the top roofers in the area. I’ve narrowed down to two roofers, but they use different underlayment, valley linings, and ridge vents. Any help would be appreciated.

For shingles, I’m going with the GAF Timberline Prestique 30 series.

UNDERLAYMENT: Which is better - 30 pound felt vs. GAF Deck Armor?

VALLEY LININGS: Which is better - 90 pound mineral surface roll roofing vs. GAF Storm Guard?

RIDGE VENT: Which is better - Cobra ExhaustVent (roll style) or Cobra RigidVent3?

Ice & water shield is way better than 90lb rolled roofing for a vally or eave underlay. felt is way better than that new synthetic crap.

Ice and water and 15 pound fiberglass felt.

Shinglemate is GAF version of the fiberglass felt, Roofer Sellect is Certainteeds version. Both are superior to the organic 15 and 30 pound felt.

IMO, the Certainteed Winterguard is higher quality ice and water then GAF’s version.

I like felt better than Deck Armor. GAF Shinglemate is a good product that is comparable to 30lb felt. Deck Armor is synthetic and not worth it in my opinion. Deck Armoer would be preferred if there was going to be a delay between when they tore off and when they installed the shingles, but that is about it.

90lb in a valley–eww! Storm Guard is GAF’s higher end ice/water guard (not granulated). I prefer weatherwatch.

Snow Country (plastic) is way better than the filter cobra vent stuff. I only use cobravent when installing a metal ridge cap or ridge roll product where shingle over vent can’t be used.

If you are going with GAF shingles, opt for GAF accessories. Weatherwatch, Shinglemate, and Snow Country ridge vent.

grace ice and water is the way to go.we use roof guard,and permafelt ,for underlayments in maine.

I use ice shield in my valleys (also gutter lines and flashign areas). I also use 30# organic felt. While most fiberglass felt like the one you mentioned is better than 15# organic, I feel 30# is better than both!

You also should check if your roof is the right architecture for a ridge vent. I personally prefer Shingle vent II. Cobra2, is a knock off of Shingle Vent II. I’ve no experience with Cobra3. However a properly baffled ridge vent will outperform a roolled ridge vent product. Having said that most people think the rolled product looks better than the rigid baffled product such as Shingle Vent II and Cobra 2.

dont like cobra vent.
what is deck armor?
use valley metal in valleys first.