Tying new roof to end of old roof. . .input?

I can see the beam in the back pic. Hangs down about 2-3" .

I was in Sparta,T.N. over the past winter to do my sisters roof . Before I came home I landed an over the top from a contractor there. Still have his #. He subs from Lowes. He is in Crossville.

Are you in Murfreesboro?

You will need a carpenter to do what you are asking.

Got it covered axiom.

I see a lot of aluminum awning companies doing those type of jobs, you might want to check some of those out.Some are actually nice and are fully enclosed with windows and screens,and don’t take away from the property value, However there won’t be much fall on the roof and many leak at the transition .

A good time to have incorporated a roof system into the deck was when it was built, not saying it can’t be done now, but the posts could have been extended up further so a 2 by 6 could be banded at the top to set the rafters on.

It can be done ,you will need some help so why not hire a carpenter with some deck experience. It shouldn’t take over a day or so to frame it in once you figure out what you are doing.

valley dumping a ton of water on a damn near flat surface.
a diy project , im sorry but no.

try to find an exsperienced roofer to atleast coach you. a say you need to make it a flat roof so you dont end up with a crazy sloped tranition on the
short side.

maybe one of the members is close.
were are you again?


He can start the screen porch roof 6’-8’ up the existing roof(s) and slope it down at a 2 or 3/12.
this will give adequate runoff.
This will create a pitch transition that most roofers can tie into without too many problems.
It is going to need support at the end of the deck, it is not too difficult.
But this is not a D.I.Y job.
He needs an architect to design it properly.
Probably gonna cost around 10 - 15K.