I need your thoughts.

When you see or think of a turtle, what is your impression or reaction.

Thanks for any imput.


i dont really get a first impression off a turtle or really react to them either they dont bug me- and its not like the first impression you get when you see a good lookin girl for the first time - they could have super nice t@#s(toes haha) or be real fun or a complete snob -she could give you many different first impressions
but not a turtle theyre all alike

  • however they do got some funny lookin beaks -looks like a real old pissed off guy


ooh yea theyre slow too


chocolate and peanuts


I love turtles.

i get about $50 each, installed.


i must be missing something


If your talking about those 550 vents then i think they are crap,but if your thinking of a living turtle then when I see one of them I think it will storm with heavy rain soon! :roll:


Hi Consolidatedroofing,

I did not suggest that this has anything to do with roofing.

Leave roofing out of it.

It is going to rain That is really interesting. Thanks


chewing, slow, wise.





If i had a clue what you were talking about i would respond.


Methodical, all together, analytical, businesslike, careful, deliberate, disciplined, efficient, exact, fixed, logical, methodized, meticulous, neat, ordered, orderly, painstaking, planned, precise, regular, scrupulous, set up, structured, systematic, tidy, together, well-regulated.




There is a turtle that supports the universe on his back.

Or do you mean the story " The Old Turtle".


slow and steady wins the race,ding,ding,ding…


Wise, old fashioned, not worried about anybody’s pace but their own.


I heard they are delicious…